Is it possible or not to baptize a child pregnant?

Very often, when choosing a godmother, a lot of questions appear, one of the most exciting: can a pregnant woman be baptized? Will it affect the godson in any way?

Many superstitions have long been associated with baptism, many of them resemble eccentricities and even seem ridiculous. Part of superstition has gone since pagan times. Our ancestors believed that pregnant cannot become godmother, because she takes happiness and health from her godson.

In fact, rejecting all prejudices, we can say that a pregnant woman can attend church, take ceremonies, baptize children. Attending church during pregnancy is even welcome, prayers and communion have a positive effect on the course of pregnancy and childbirth. The girl before childbirth thus cleans her body and soul and is fully prepared to give life to the child.

The church admits that a pregnant woman can be a godmother, but in some cases she advises not to do this.

Firstly, during the sacrament of the girl, most of the rite has to be held by the godmother, which is very tiring for a pregnant woman. In addition, the whole rite must be stood, the woman will be hard to bear it, if it is stuffy in the church building, it may become bad, it will have to stop the process, creating discomfort for both the godfather and the clergyman.

Secondly, there are doubts whether the godmother will be able to give the necessary amount of love and caress to the godson, because soon she will have her own child, requiring more attention. If a pregnant woman doubts, it is better to refuse.

In the process of the boy's baptism, everything is much simpler, because the main responsibility lies with the godfather. But even in this case, the godmother should not forget that the godchildren are second children and require constant attention. Even with your own children, we should not forget that you took an oath before God to help the godson and instruct him that you are his second mother.

Priests warn that those who are preparing to become godparents should be fully aware of all the difficulties and responsibilities that await them.The godparents take a guarantee before God and the Church for the faith of the child; when they perform the Mystery of Baptism, they give a baptismal vow for their successor, take the baby from Kupala and give a sacred vow.

In the future, the godparents should introduce a small Christian to the church, attend prayers and communions with him, teach them to prayers, and ordain the godson to the mysteries of the Bible. Along with their parents, the godparents are obliged to take an active part in the upbringing of the child, instilling in him the good and the good. You must constantly pray for the health and well-being of your receiver. This is the sacred duty of the godparents and neglecting them, they take on a heavy sin.

Thus, baptism requires the adoption of a difficult and responsible ministry, it is worth considering whether you will be ready for it. First of all, the godparents should be themselves believers, constantly attend church, pray, read and know the Holy Scripture, receive communion and regularly go to confession.

St. John Chrysostom spoke about the godparents: "they will be rewarded by showing diligence and taking part in the spiritual development of the godson."Godparents will be condemned by God, if they do not fulfill the guarantee given by them, if the godson continues to sin, then the responsibility for this sin goes to godparents, who did not give a true farewell and did not put their godson on the right path.

A pregnant woman should take a very responsible approach to the rite of baptism, evaluate her spiritual strength and understand all the responsibilities that await her.

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