Johnny Depp spoke about breaking up with Amber Heard.

Post from johnny depp (@deppstagram)May 17, 2018 at 6:02 pdt

“I had a terrible depression. Every morning I started by climbing a wall and drinking vodka. Yes, I had to switch to strong drinks. I did not want to act in films, but it was necessary to occupy myself with something, and I began to write memoirs. I did it as before - on paper, not on the computer. Drank vodka and wrote. Vodka acted on me strangely. Rolling memories. And behind them are tears. I cried, drank and wrote while I could make out the letters ... The music helped me to get out of the depression. Thanks to Alice Cooper and Joe Perry. They agreed, and we now travel around the world with concerts. Yes you heard, of course. Our group is called Hollywood Vampires, ”Depp said.

Already when he married Amber, his financial affairs were shaky, and now Johnny is suing the law firm TMG, which at the beginning of the year accused him of irresponsible spending money and fraud. Depp hired a new lawyer, filed a lawsuit and intends to achieve the truth: he is deeply outraged that at $ 30 million in fees for the film, he was on the verge of bankruptcy. “Why do I even need all this? What do I deserve? - Depp complains."I've done nothing wrong to anyone in my entire life." My mother taught me never to start a fight.

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