Kangoo jumps - a new kind of fitness

Today there are a great many areas of fitness. In some, there are elements of dance, others imply the use of training shoes with heels. But just recently another direction appeared - Kangoo jumps.

What it is?

Kangoo jumps from English translated as "jumping kangaroos." In fact, jumping is the essence of training. For the first time, we learned about such an unusual direction in the middle of the last century in Eastern Europe, but it was recently completed in North America. And now jumping kangaroos conquer the whole world.

It looks extreme

The most important feature of this direction of fitness is the use of special shoes. Hemispherical parts are attached to the sole of the boot, having a jumper in the middle, which provides the spheres with mobility and allows those engaged in springing in such shoes. The top is something similar to the base of roller skates, but, of course, instead of the wheels there are sprung platforms.

What does Kangoo jumps give?

So, what can Kangoo jumps do? Here are the main advantages:

  1. The load on the spine, as well as on the joints of the knees and pelvis is minimal, so, firstly, you will not experience discomfort, and secondly, protect yourself from injuries. Surprisingly, while running, the load on the legs decreases by 80%, while all the muscles work and the fat burns.
  2. Classes will allow you to use and strengthen almost all the muscles, even those that usually do not work under standard loads. The muscles of the back, arms, abs, thighs and buttocks will become more prominent.
  3. Such loads are very useful for the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. You breathe more often than usual, and this allows you to strengthen the respiratory system and improve their work. It also trains the heart, which begins to work better and more harmoniously.
  4. Since breathing becomes faster, and the work of the heart improves, the blood enriched with oxygen and nutrients goes to all organs and thus improves their work significantly. It turns out that the whole body begins to function smoothly and without interruption.
  5. This is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance! Even a beginner or an unprepared person will be able to train. This direction of fitness has no age restrictions.
  6. Fitness Kangoo jumps is very useful for losing weight. So, for one half-hour workout, you can burn about 700-1000 calories. It all depends on you and the intensity of training. But in any case, it is much more effective than running or simple aerobics.
  7. It is very interesting and fun! Many people like to jump (and not only children), so the exercise will give pleasure and will allow you to get a lot of positive emotions. There will be no trace of apathy and depression.

Is it possible to do everything?

They stand decently

There are practically no contraindications, but there are still some limitations.

  • If you have diseases of the cardiovascular system, then by all means inform the trainer and consult with your doctor before starting classes. But training is quite possible, just for you, the trainer will individually select a program implying minimal loads.
  • You should not risk with serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Although it is possible to practice without aggravation, sometimes it is even useful. The load on the joints is minimal, so you do not cause significant harm.
  • With exacerbations of chronic diseases or acute infections, it is also better to refuse training.

As for age, there are no restrictions here, so people of almost all ages can study, even children over 6 years old.

Some types of fitness are contraindicated for people with a significant excess of body weight, but Kangoo jumps can do almost everything.

Special shoes

These are the shoes

Without shoes, classes are impossible, so it will be required in any case. It can be bought or rented. And here a few questions arise.

  • What is the cost of a pair? It should be noted right away that it is quite high and amounts to about 10-15 thousand. If you decide to rent such shoes, it is also not at all cheap. 30 minutes will cost you 200-300 rubles, so if you plan to do it regularly, you should spend it once.
  • Is it comfortable to wear such shoes? Is it difficult? Those who first wear these shoes feel uncomfortable and unusual. Firstly, the growth increases by 20-30 centimeters. Secondly, at first to walk and even more to deal with unaccustomed. But already in the second lesson, almost everyone gets used and feels confident and comfortable.
  • Is it dangerous? The safety of classes in such shoes was proven during the tests. The platform is quite wide, so it's almost impossible to fall.All fastenings are durable, so under the influence of your weight, nothing will break or fall apart.
  • How long does such shoes last? By purchasing a pair, you can safely engage, but remember that the need to replace the springs. On average, their service life is 60-80 hours. If the springs are not changed, the spring effect will weaken, which can cause damage. You can make a replacement yourself by reviewing the instructions that accompany the shoes.
  • Do I need to care for shoes? Yes, of course, especially if you are on the street. Sand and dirt can become clogged in cracks, increase the friction of elements and shorten the life of the product. So, after class you should wash your shoes in a weak soap solution and dry well. Periodically disassemble the structure and wash each element separately. If any part fails, replace it.

How to train?

Cheerfully and fun

Let's list some important features:

  1. Training can take place in the gym or in the open air.
  2. You can do it with a coach or yourself at home. But at first, it is better to conduct classes under the guidance of an experienced specialist, so that he, firstly, develops an individual training program taking into account your wishes, goals, and opportunities, and secondly, can correct mistakes in time.
  3. Beginners should start with the minimum duration of training. For the first time, 5-7 minutes is enough. Next time try to practice 10-15 minutes. In the end, bring the duration of one workout to 30-40 minutes.
  4. The optimal frequency of classes is 3-4 times a week, that is, every other day. So the muscles will have time to rest, but the effectiveness will not be affected.
  5. At first you can feel discomfort or even pain in the body. This is normal and will soon pass.
  6. Control your health and condition. Avoid dizziness and darkening of the eyes.

Selection of exercises

Exercises Kangoo jumps can be very diverse. For example, you can use elements of dance, aerobics and other sports. But it is worth remembering that the shoes are not designed for constant jumps, so avoid such exercises.

When choosing programs, consider your goals (weight loss, muscle strengthening), opportunities and preferences. You can work on one of the ready-made programs, or you can ask the coach to choose something specifically for you.

Practice with pleasure and with benefit!

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