Kanye West confessed to bipolar disorder.

“Kanye, what was that?” Asked rapper fans after he tweeted a whole bunch of memorable statements about slavery, Donald Trump and his own divine origin. We suspect that Kim Kardashian didn’t manage without sticking to it, but the other day, West still decided that it was worthwhile to somehow explain his strange behavior to fans and celebrities who had already begun to unsubscribe from the former idol.

“I was never diagnosed - until last year ... At 39 years old, doctors discovered that I had bipolar disorder. But, as I said in my new album, this is not a disease, but a superpower, ”shared Kanye in an interview.

Publication by Kanye West ⚡️ (@kanyewestarchive)May 15, 2018 at 3:04 PDT

Well, the recognition is very much in the spirit of the rapper. A few days ago, he really released a new, already the eighth album called Ye, and in honor of the release, he organized a party in Wyoming, where he called for his relatives and friends.They say that Kimi cried when she listened to the tracks from her husband's plate, because in them, West talked about relations in their family, and about her difficult childhood, and much more ... moreover, she was very emotional. According to Kanye, with this he was very lucky, not everyone can sing like this and publicly talk about their problems: “Think about ordinary people who have mental difficulties. They cannot, like me, release an album and thus speak out. God sent me this in my 40 years. "

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