Kanye West explained why he put sandals on 3 sizes smaller

Kanye West waited until the discussion of the too-small Yeezy sandals that he put on for a wedding to a friend, rapper 2 Chainz, to fade the topic, would come to an end. Kanye posted on Twitter a snapshot of traditional Japanese geta shoes and an illustration of how to properly wear this model. "The heel should stick to one or two centimeters," - explained under the picture. "In Japanese," concluded Kanye.

The japanese waypic.twitter.com/n1TUsVOJkA

- KANYE WEST (@kanyewest)August 28, 2018

The fans appreciated the joke and breathed a sigh of relief. After all, rumors about why Kanye was walking around in tiny-sized sandals reached the point where his subscribers seriously discussed whether her husband Kim Kardashian didn’t have a nail and whether the doctor advised him that shoe size! The poor man and his own wife got to go. Kim did not miss the opportunity to take off Kanye in ill-fated sandals and laugh: “The main question is this.

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