Kate Moss appreciated the benefits of a healthy lifestyle

Publication from Kate Moss Agency (@katemossagency)Nov 10, 2017 at 2:50 PST

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In fact, for 30 days, Kate’s regime has not changed that much: according to the model, she just refused to drink alcohol (however, considering Moss’s love for the latter, we have to admit that it still played an important role), she didn’t go to bed after 22 hours, eat as much greens as possible and regularly attend hourly workouts in the gym. The only thing that 44-year-old Kate could not refuse was her favorite cigarettes, but even in this case, the changes were what is called!

“After 10 days, I noticed that the permanent swelling was gone. It was a real miracle, but what is even more wonderful - I somehow fit into clothes a size smaller than the one I wore for several years, ”the model shared. According to Moss, she has long denied the benefits of proper nutrition, exercise and all other aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Celebrity did not understandhow people can eat "only salads", and going to the gym was perceived as a form of punishment, but now, it seems, has appreciated all the benefits of such habits. Well, let's hope that this time Kate’s attempts to join the new life will have more success than in the past!

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