Knit a blue-brown set - mittens, hat and scarf loop

We knit a crochetBlue-brown set - mittens, hat and scarf-loop. The kit is very solid and comfortable and will surely warm you in cold weather.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn (53% wool, 47% polyacryl; 90m / 50g) 400 g blue-brown;
  2. hook number 6.

Pattern Description

The main pattern in circular rows in a spiral: * 1 tbsp. b / n, we skip the next loop using air. n., from * constantly repeating. We knit in a spiral, that is, after the 1st round row of the 1st st. b / n of the 2nd circle row we perform directly for the 1st air. n. of the 1st round row. Then the loops constantly knit for air. n. the previous round series and using the air. skip Art. b / n previous row.

The sequence of stripes: * 5 circular rows / spirals of the main pattern, then 1 spiral instead of art. b / n perform art. с / н, from * constantly repeat.

Density of knitting:12 p x 11 p = 10 x 10 cm, connected with the main pattern.

Sizes:mittens - 7/8, cap - 52-54 cm (head circumference), scarf-loop 36 cm (height) x 120 cm (girth).

Knitting description


Start knitting with the basics of knitting crochet mitts (basic course).

Right mitt

Stage 1: for the upper part, we increase the number of loops to 24 loops, while knitting with the main pattern;

Stage 2: 11 cm from the initial row of knit thumb jumper = 26 loops;

Stage 3: for the big finger, increase the number of loops to 10. After 4,5 cm from the initial row we knit a thumb joint = 12 loops. Then we tie up all the loops, as has been described, and at the same time diminish, respectively, the loops of the thumb jumper = 34 loops. Continue to knit on the remaining hinges according to the figure, while for the wedge of the thumb 5 times we perform adjustments in each circular row;

Stage 4: knit the cuff on the remaining 24 loops; after 10 cm from the beginning of the cuff, we finish the work.


We seam the transition of the thumb to the inside of the mitten with the end of the thumb thread.

Left Mitten

We knit like a right mitten.


We perform, without tightening, the initial chain of 64 air.n., closes the ring with 1 conn. Art. and knit the main pattern. Through 14 cm from the initial row in the next circular row / spiral, knit together every 7th and 8th loop = 56 loops. In the next 2 nd circular row / spiral we knit together every 6th and 7th loop = 48 loops. Then we subtract 5 more times in each of the following circular rows / spirals of 8 loops. The remaining 8 loops tighten the working thread and carefully sew it.


We make a pompom with a diameter of 8 cm and sew it to the top of the cap.

Scarf loop

Perform the initial chain of 148 air. n., closes the ring with 1 conn. Art. and we knit 36 ​​cm according to the above sequence of strips. If possible, we end with 5 round rows / spirals of art. b / n.


For the ring perform a chain of 36 sur. p., we wrap it with a scarf loop and close it into a ring with the help of 1 conn. Art. At the end of knit 11 circular rows / spirals, respectively, of the above sequence of strips, we finish the work.

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