Leonardo DiCaprio does not refuse to flirt

Let the eternal bachelor Leo now have a lady of the heart in the face of the young beauty Camila Morrone, he is not ready to give up flirting. The comedian and presenter of the MTV Movie Awards Tiffany Haddish, who likes to provoke Hollywood machos with outspoken questions, recently told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview how nice it was to coo DiCaprio at one of the parties.

“It was a couple of months ago. I always liked Leo very much, and, seeing him among the guests, I approached him and directly asked: “Would you sleep with me?” He laughed, but nevertheless said: "Yes." Then I replied: "Very well, but I have one condition. I am in love with your character from the movie" What Does Gilbert Grape Eat? "And I want you to behave that way during our meeting."

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