Lilies of the Bead

Lilies of the BeadA beautiful and incredibly fragrant flower with a very delicate scent can bloom in your room all year round if you twist it from beads. Thanks to our master classes and detailed patterns of weaving, you can easily make lilies of the valley with your own hands. Stock up on everything you need, follow our instructions and you will succeed.
With the arrival of spring, you want to bring a little bit of freshness and greenery into your life. Why not opt ​​for beaded flowers? Such an original bouquet will give a truly spring mood and will be an excellent gift for a loved one and loved one. So, we proceed to weaving from beads of lilies of the valley.

How to make beads lilies of the valley

Manual work requires special perseverance and patience. In addition, this lesson takes a lot of time, but not in this case! Lilies of the valley without any special tricks of different beads, you can not even the most even. Great for beginner craftswomen.

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