Lindsay Lohan launches his reality show

Lindsay Lohan will not understand: then she goes to Dubai, wears the hijab and is glad that no one recognizes her on the streets, wants to adopt a child, now she is announcing the launch of her own reality show on MTV. The first trailer has already appeared on the Web, from which it is clear that the project’s own site will be the Lohan Beach Club’s own establishment on the Greek island of Mykonos.

“Pack your bags, MTV. We are going to Mykonos. I joined the MTV family ... Be prepared! ”Lindsay says with a smile at the beginning of a short teaser. In the story, Lindsay and her team will have to demonstrate their entrepreneurial skills at a resort where the temptation to forget about business is too great. In terms of reveling Lohan is a great specialist, but the actress will be supported by celebrity brother Cody and sister Ali, who will also appear in the video blog.

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