Logomania - the trend of spring, from which you can not get anywhere

What changed?

Reasonable columnist journalists, who usually make up a typology of hipsters or study the tastes of millenials, could assume that these are echoes of the very “new sincerity”: they say, if on Instagram everyone subscribes to their favorite brands, mark them in their photos, gossip about them with friends, then is it worth it to be embarrassed, hypocritical or to hide your clothing preferences ?! Or maybe the whole matter is also in global infantilism: in Europe everyone wants to be called young even at the age of 45, and fashionable brands become less pretentious and high-profile and more mundane, sensitive, humorous, like the best girlfriend in high school.
Still not ready to buy yourself a thing with huge letters on your chest under any pretext? We are still too, but we will show you the 10 most fascinating examples of logomania from the collections of 2018.

Prada bag

Prada has a status of honored trendsetter, and, perhaps,The coolest version of logomania in this collection is a bag with a print in the form of a black-and-white comic book with blood-red orchids and a proper name, written as if by the hand of Freddy Krueger.

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