Main principles for the construction of reinforced concrete stairs with string

Quality, reliable and durable reinforced concrete stairs are widely used in residential and commercial construction. This type of structures, featuring excellent technical and operational parameters, is able to retain its original characteristics for many decades. The most relevant and popular variety of stairs made of concrete can be called products on the string. They are equally well suited to equip country houses and cottages, hotels and restaurants, as well as commercial, office and commercial buildings.

stairs on the strings

Features of the construction of tetile stairs

In the assortment of the PC BLC company there is an impressive selection of monolithic ladder constructions built using the bowstring.Such products, characterized by a solid monolithic structure, can be constructed in the form of a screw or a direct march. The finished products demonstrate an amazing visual lightness and elegance that attracts many modern inhabitants.

Such material as the string for the ladder, allows you to get incredibly sophisticated and elegant products that play the role of the main staircase. Its design includes one or two bearing beams (bows), passing around the perimeter of the flight of stairs. Made of durable reinforced concrete, such bowstrings are located on two sides of the steps, closely adjacent to them. Steps can be made from natural wood, metal or triplex. In this case, handrails and fences are selected individually, taking into account the wishes of the customer and are able to have any shape, design or type.

Advantages of the stairwells from the manufacturer

A solid and stable reinforced staircase with stringers is a real highlight of any modern interior. It can become the brightest and most significant object of the surrounding space, always attracting the attention of those present.

What exactly are the advantages of the stairs of this modification?

  • high level of durability and reliability;
  • open, visually light span structure;
  • delightful style, grace and aesthetics;
  • an impressive range of applications;
  • mechanical strength and durability.

Stylish and practical combination ladders, which are the ideal design options for true gourmets, offer them the most modern and effective solutions. Such reinforced concrete structures, characterized by a combined composition of materials and raw materials, are aimed at implementing the most complex design ideas.

In the course of their production, various forms and variants of product design, base materials for staircases, as well as for steps and railings are successfully combined. As a result of this, truly unsurpassed products are born that can earn the title of true works of design art.

stairs on bowstrings

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