Making Fruit Trays

Make a Fruit Tray- a master class, we make two beautiful summer trays painted in the form of a watermelon and an orange.

Materials and tools:

  1. two round billets 2-3 cm thick and 40-50 cm in diameter;
  2. drill and screws;
  3. spoons
  4. pencil;
  5. paint and brush;
  6. furniture lacquer.

Step 1

Take the first harvesting tray and write it under the orange. Stepping back from the edge 2-3 cm, draw a circle and paint the interior with orange-red paint, and the outer - white. Then in the center we will draw a small circle and draw radii from it (see figure). We paint the center and the radii with white paint. The edge of the blank is painted orange (the color of orange peel) color.

No need to try to do everything carefully, small irregularities will be even better. Also, do not forget to give the paint to dry well between layers.

Step 2

We repeat the same thing with the second tray preparation, just paint it "like a watermelon."After coloring, leave until the paint is completely dry.

We will cover both trays with lacquer for furniture to protect the surface.

Take 4 spoons and drill 2 holes in them. Let's turn 2 spoons to each tray using self-tapping screws.

Fruit traysare ready. You can show imagination and color the tray "under other fruits and berries." They are great for a summer residence or will remind you of summer.

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