Making a hammock for summer holidays: 5 master classes

Although the weather has been naughty lately, it’s time to make a list of pleasant summer activities and check whether you have everything you need to fulfill your plans. For example, if you have the item “lying in a hammock with a book” on your list, you must first buy this hammock somewhere. And even better - do it yourself.

Child hammock chair

What will you need?:

  • oak or beech round rake,
  • synthetic rope
  • canvas or other fabric is strong,
  • steel carbine
  • steel oval carabiner with a coupling,
  • fabric paint
  • brush,
  • drill,
  • sewing machine,
  • iron and ironing board,
  • scissors,
  • ruler or tape measure
  • lighter.

What happens: Armchair-hammock, which can be hung at home or attached to a strong branch of a large tree. It does not take a lot of space and will be especially enjoyed by children, but you can make a bigger version - for adults.


Serious hammock on wooden slats

What will you need?:

  • strong fabric
  • Grommets and machine for their installation.
  • two slats made of beech or other solid wood
  • drill,
  • cotton rope,
  • two large metal rings,
  • scissors,
  • sewing machine,
  • cutter.

What happens: Hammock, to which the wooden crossbar does not allow to wrap a cocoon around lying in it. Creating this hammock will require time from you, but the result will pay off: it is much more convenient to rest in it than in compact models, especially together.


Simple and sturdy nylon hammock

What will you need?:

  • nylon fabric,
  • nylon rope,
  • sewing machine,
  • scissors,
  • thread.

What happens: The most compact hammock in our selection. It weighs almost nothing and is easily packaged in a small bag, so it will not be difficult to take it with you to a picnic, even if you go to nature not by car.


Macrame hammock chair

What will you need?:

  • slats from beech or other solid wood
  • rope or cord for macrame,
  • rope for hanging the chair,
  • screws
  • drill,
  • ruler or tape measure
  • scissors.

What happens: Vintage look easy chair in macrame technique that will look great in the garden. Do not forget to put a pillow on it to sit more comfortably.

Instruction: eHow

Strong lightweight hammock

What will you need?:

  • cotton beach cover or cut of strong fabric.
  • a strip of thick skin (can be replaced with a nylon or cotton sling),
  • a cut of bortovka or other strong and dense fabric,
  • rope,
  • scissors,
  • pins,
  • sewing machine and thread

What happens: compact hammock, but already in cotton, not nylon. It is slightly heavier, but it will be more pleasant to lie in it in the heat.

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