Marriage without sex - the norm or not?

I know that he has no one, he loves me. True, there is something more serious than a mistress - this is total laziness: he sleeps up to 10 hours, barely rises to work, and the weight is under 100 kg. When I put him on a diet, he is indignant that he is a man, not a goat, and needs meat. And I am sure that his problems are from laziness and the sweet mountains that he eats. In general, I heard him, he wants to live like a brother and sister, I don’t want to change, I have to accept it ... ”

Marriage without sex - the norm or not?

I listened to my girlfriend, and so wanted to summarize that her husband was a goat, not a man, but she did not. She only told her that women, wise by experience, say: "The belly grows, and the tip dries." And this is a medical definition: problems with testosterone, when a man begins to recover. There is a direct path to the doctor, and if your chosen one has health problems that affect sexual function, then the diagnosis is simple - a sofa parasite. Either bear it or wali ...

But it’s impossible to bring down in the case of a friend: there is a child, a mortgage and parents who don’t understand it, the son-in-law is perfect for them.This is how the very families in which the couple lives by inertia are obtained.

Another couple of years, and a friend will begin to prove to everyone that a family without sex has the right to exist, and everyone has their own needs. But this is a brazen lie and a cover for his laziness and cowardice. It's simple: he is lazy and egoist, and she is a coward who currently puts her sexuality on the altar of family life

I am sorry for such couples, and, judging by the stories of my friends, after 35 years, this problem is becoming more common.

Talking about the fact that family is respect, partnership, commitment, children, seems to me hypocritical.

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