Men never cry! Why should we give up this habit?

In everyday life, it is rare to find a man who succumbed to inner experiences and showed weakness in people - tears. Such a factor is considered to be a sign of vulnerability and powerlessness of a guy who has not found any other way out of this situation, like crying around strangers. Social standards argue that men should not show emotional distress and despair. However, the majority of men in proud solitude can afford to utter a mean tear. Nobody will know about this phenomenon, therefore personal qualities and strong-willed characteristics of the man will not give in to doubt of a society.

Men never cry! Why should we give up this habit?

It turns out that tears are appropriate only for a certain set of events and directly depends on the location of the guy. Then the statement that men never cry becomes an unreasonable bike.How do guys hide their feelings and emotions? Why men are not allowed to cry? How to treat this phenomenon women? How stable is this statement? When are male tears acceptable? To deal with emerging issues, you need to project various scenarios. How categorical are the above statements? After reviewing the special cases dictated by fate, one can draw conclusions about the advisability of male tears in the 21st century.

Common Causes of Tears Out of a Man's Eyes

A man is a bulwark of a family hearth and a support for a woman who can hide in difficult moments behind the majestic back of a chosen one. In strong-spirited boys, relatives and friends see support, which is manifested in material assistance and spiritual guidance. Such stereotypes are truly truthful, because representatives of the strong half of humanity must possess strong-willed personal qualities, finding a way out of various situations.

Tears are evidence of despair and impotence, so a strong-willed person can not afford such a manifestation of emotions in society.According to social standards, a man must maintain self-esteem and coldness of mind in any event.

Often, the popes become idols for the younger generation, so the manifestation of weakness is the wrong example for young followers. Men's tears are not a priori permissible due to the loss of your favorite team or the lack of funds for the purchase of a new car. In everyday situations, guys should remain persistent, guided by rational arguments. If you find out why men do not cry, you can summarize the information in the following factors:

  • Children's complex, due to the model of raising a child, which parents are forbidden to cry. In a matured mind, a similar reflex is associated with a manifestation of weakness and vulnerability.
  • Excessive pride, not allowing a guy to show his own despair, contributes to the development of fortitude in difficult moments. A man deliberately copes with the appearing tears in order not to harm his own authority in society.
  • Some guys are convinced that crying is a lot of losers, so they hold back such emotions under any circumstances.They are trying hard to stay in the category of volitional personalities, not thinking about the futility of such behavior.
  • The philosophy of the guys helps to cope with the experiences of any scale, restoring peace of mind and bringing peace of mind to consciousness. The optimistic attitude makes it easy to perceive the "blows" of fate, hoping for a positive outcome of events.
  • Men avoid manifestations of their own weakness in order to protect loved ones and loved ones from feelings. The nobility and mercy that are present in the behavior of guys, argue a positive shade of intentions.
  • Some guys do not represent the mechanism of the tear glands, and therefore do not know how and do not want to cry, transferring spiritual experiences to alcohol or other ways to "forget."
  • Indifference, accompanied by pragmatism in relation to life - another reason for the absence of tears in the eyes of guys. They are not aware of the spiritual desperation, because the pressing problems are perceived with a "cold" head, as part of the fate.

Men never cry! Why should we give up this habit?

The stereotype about the ban on men's tears is often instilled in boys in childhood, when parents bring up from a self-confident young man a self-sufficient "male" who knows the price of words and deeds.However, some mothers and fathers forget to notify children of exceptional situations where the manifestation of weakness is the norm. The main thing is to learn how to control emotions, releasing feelings outward only in the circle of loved ones who can be trusted.

A woman who sincerely loves a man will adequately perceive the tears of a chosen one suppressed by grief. The wise spouse will help the partner to cope with emotional imbalance, and will not blame weaknesses and weaknesses

Special cases: men cry too

Men never cry. How correct is this statement? Do guys really have a similar reflex atrophy? The fateful situations in which the manifestation of masculine weakness becomes the norm help to make sure that events are reversed. Guys can not hold back tears under the following set of circumstances:

  • Death of a loved one, which paralyzes the inner world of the representative of the stronger sex. It is impossible to cope with the emotional storm that captures the mind; therefore, in the current situation, it is a natural manifestation of feelings to cry in the current situation.
  • The birth of a long-awaited child from his beloved is another reason for tears.Only this state is accompanied by a positive shade that overwhelms the man. Gammu feelings, which the guy feels, will not manage to restrain and control, so it is more rational to enjoy the fateful moment.
  • Death or senile death of a beloved pet, whom a man has been feeding from a young age. The mental pain that appears in this confluence of circumstances can not be explained and compared with the loss of a loved one.
  • At the moment when the guy offers the chosen one his hand and heart, and she reciprocates. In the current situation, which occurs in the life of a man for the first time, some representatives of the strong half of humanity can not hold back tears - this is normal.
  • Indulging in nostalgic memories, guys excite pain points in the bowels of the soul, causing a storm of emotions in their minds. The main advantage of such tears is short-term, because after a short period of time a man calms down on his own, restoring his peace of mind.
  • At the altar with their beloved darling or at the wedding of their own children, some guys can not cope with the gamut of feelings, overflowing the emotional background.The peculiarity of such cases is the positive effect, indicating the sincerity of the future spouse or caring father.

Men never cry! Why should we give up this habit?

Male tears resulting from the above experiences, do not become a prerequisite to the contempt of the environment. Such a manifestation of their own feelings and emotions is a natural behavioral symptom that does not indicate the weakness of the guy. In some situations, tears - a weighty argument for the girl, confirming the sincerity of the intentions of the partner. Wise women adequately relate to such a reaction of the chosen ones to unpleasant circumstances. Do not forget that only a strong-willed person can recognize his weakness. The main thing is not to be given a depressive state, trying to cope with the depressing circumstances.

The main skill that a successful and strong-willed man should skillfully master is total control of one's own emotions in difficult moments. It is important to realize that in a society of enemies to show weakness is an unjustified risk, and alone with parents or a loving wife is a way to restore emotional balance.

How to hold back tears: useful recommendations

Especially to give up tears is an unreasonable decision that still needs to be realized. It is more expedient to learn to control this reflex, coping with the lump in the throat and the chaotic interweaving of emotions in the soul. Let a bitter tear in proud loneliness - a mystery that will remain with a man. Crying in the presence of strangers, co-workers or in a public place is a mistake, the price of which can be worth the respect of friends and close environment.

Men never cry! Why should we give up this habit?

A strong guy, endowed with strong-willed personality characteristics, is distinguished by the ability to restrain his own experiences for an indefinite period of time. Only in solitude can a man afford weakness. To learn how to control your instincts, you need to find peace of mind or consciously distract from the hearth of trouble, adhering to the following rules:

  • In a moment of despair, pinch yourself to redirect discomfort to another direction. Physical pain allows you to mute spiritual imbalance for a short period of time, changing the emotional background. This method becomes indispensable in the society of colleagues, because manifestation of weakness in a competitive environment is impermissible.The main thing is not to overdo it - unnecessarily follow the example of Vincent Van Gogh.
  • If you feel that you are no longer holding back the tears accumulating in the orbits, then it is recommended to ask for help from the “queen” of sciences - mathematics. Think in the mind of the multiplication table, calculate the square root or solve a difficult equation that involves a thoughtful awareness of the sequence of actions. In the process of counting consciousness switches to a rational vision of the world, so mental pain is muffled.
  • Direct negative thoughts and negative energy to the offender, embodying emotional irritation in aggression. Do not need to uncover the "ax" of the war, starting a fight or insulting an opponent. However, at the subconscious level, mercilessly "cracking down" with the counterpart is a rational decision.

Keep tears on people - a synonym for self-esteem of a man who did not allow himself to show weakness in the presence of strangers. The result of this phenomenon will be the correspondence respect and solidarity of others. To cope with personal spiritual experiences are capable only of individuals who have learned to control pain, anger and despair.

Men never cry! Why should we give up this habit?

It cannot be argued that men never cry - such a phenomenon is permissible in certain situations, therefore it is wrong to exclude this fact. In some cases involving mental imbalances and constant psychological attacks, it is not possible to hold back tears. In such moments, you need to control your own emotions, guided by the above recommendations.

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