Merry Christmas Tree

The beloved New Year and Christmas holidays are approaching by everyone, and in order to raise New Year's mood, I suggest you make a merry Christmas tree that can decorate the interior of your home or become a pleasant gift for friends and relatives. After all, these are the most expected holidays for which they are preparing in advance. And this hand-made article will certainly create a cheerful, festive mood. Before proceeding to its manufacture, we acquire the necessary materials and tools. For this production of an unusual Christmas tree, we will need:
  • wool for felting in different colors - green, white, red , a little black color for felting the Christmas tree and making Christmas-tree toys;
  • felting needles No. 38, No. 40;
  • sentipon.
 we need
So, let's start felting from merry Christmas tree wool. To begin with, we make a cone from the centipon and we use its needle No. 38 to make it sufficiently dense.
 let's start felting from wool
Then we wrap this cone with green wool.Begin wrapping from the top. We try to wind the cone in such a way that there are no gaps, and white centipon does not shine through.
 wind with green wool
>img src="" alt="we wind with green wool" title="we wind with green wool">
Now let's begin to roll with needle No. 38. As we seal, we change the needle to No. 40. We will have a dense green wool cone. Then we form the top of the green wool as in the photo below.
 form green wool
We continue with the needle number 40 to roll the top itself, so that became dense. Gradually add wool as necessary. It turns out a slightly elongated top at the Christmas tree. Then we put a hat on our Christmas tree, we wind a little red wool on top and again we roll.
do cap
 we make a hat
We decorate the hat with a white edge around the edge, that is, a white stripe passes between the green part of the Christmas tree and the red hat so as shown in the photo.
 We decorate the cap with white fringe
Well we dump the details.We get this Christmas tree here.
 We decorate the hat with white edge
Having made the Christmas tree itself, we set it aside and proceed to making the shoe - felt. To do this, from the red wool form the boots themselves.
proceed with the manufacture of shoes
Now we are good at dumping them.
proceed to the manufacture of shoes
Then we work with green wool. From it we make two pens. We form mittens from red wool. Then we put knitted mittens on handles. All details are well dumped to be dense.
We mark on the green cone, where our Christmas tree will have a face and with the help of the needle 38 we make room for the eye and the mouth. Now with white wool, we make eyes with the help of a needle No. 38, with black wool we make mouth and eyebrows.
face Christmas trees
Now we combine all the details. First of all, we attach felt boots to the Christmas tree, at first just with the No. 38 needle vertically, everything is well rolled. Then we do the edge of the white wool and also roll it with the needle number 38.
We join the Christmas tree of the handle.
Spring chuck
Now the merry Christmas tree is completely ready. It is possible, if desired, to bend the place of the elbows with the help of a needle. We decorate our Christmas tree with toys. The decoration of the Christmas tree depends on your imagination, I thought up to supplement it with toys, as in the photo, and you can do it to your taste.
Spring lochka
That's it. Merry Christmas tree with New Year's toys - ready!
Spring lacha

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