Modern ATVs

Modern ATVsThe most chic exposition, perhaps, was presented by Brandt Motor, the official importer of Polaris all-terrain vehicles and Victory motorcycles. The company "whales" was supported by Panavto, the official Yamaha dealer, and the Technoexpert, the modern Sap-Am ATV, which rolled out modern all-terrain vehicles. If we add another club of BMW owners, then the presentation of top brands can be considered complete ...


But pleased "native" companies. Two stands at the very entrance to the exhibition were occupied by the companies Velomotors (trade marks Stels and Orion) and Minsk-Moto. Their novelties became the super nails of the exhibition. "Velomotors" showed its first snowmobile, with which she hopes to grab a solid chunk of our market. In addition to the engine (V-shaped four-stroke 800-cc "two", already known for Stels all-terrain vehicles), electrical equipment and some components, everything else is Russian-made. And now, attention, the carcass! The price of "snowball" - 195 thousand rubles.


On sale the novelty will appear closer to the winter season. Perhaps, even then, the company will be made up of another model with a 620-cc two-stroke engine.Other novelties under the brand Stels - a 400GT road bike in the style of “supermoto” (however, this style cannot be described - you should see it!) At the price of 129 thousand rubles. and a mid-cab ATV400 Hunter with a five-speed gearbox with electromechanical shifting (137 thousand rubles).


The superstar at the Minsk-Moto stand is an RX450 motocross bike with a four-stroke engine with a power of 55 hp. The MINSK R250RS is the sports theme - a version of the first Minsk sportbike prepared for road-ring races. For the first time in Moscow, the ERX250 enduro with a 28-hp four-stroke liquid-cooled engine was shown.


And what did Yury Shif make from the Belarusian motorcycle ... But about this - in another article devoted to the already traditional Moscow Custom & Tuning Show (p. 76).


By the way, Minsk continues to search for partners. On the stand were the products of the Italian company NM Moto, famous for the Honda crossover in the enduro. Belarusians became their official representatives in Russia - such are the zigzags ...


At the stand of the Izhevsk company Forsage - a new enduro: a 250-cc liquid cooling engine with a capacity of 32 hp, dry weight 104 kg, a steel frame of its own manufacture, suspensions from European manufacturers ... At the same time, the people of Izhevsk promise to meet the price of 90 thousand rubles. The novelty will be on sale in the summer.


As for companies that sell tea tees and tea tees in their pure form, the novelties on their stands could often be referred to the amusing section. Say, enduro on cast wheels ... But the Chinese like it - maybe we will like it?


And finally, it is impossible not to note the presence on MY PARK of any delicious exotics. Motorcycles of the American company Confederate, perhaps, included in the top 10 of the most unusual production cars, are now officially represented in Russia. Royal Enfield adored on the stands already two importers: from Moscow and St. Petersburg. And both work independently of each other and both presented a tasteful zatyuningovannye apparatus. Considerable interest was also caused by all-wheel drive American motorcycles Rokon. Alas, the price for these small cars is 360 thousand rubles. - it's like a hoof in the forehead ...


Such qualities are inherent to them since the times, then the progenitors of the first hot dogs began to try their hand at the dried up salt lakes in Southern California in the 30s. But, following the chain of evolution.

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