Modern types of massage

In modern beauty salons you will be offered at least fifty types of massage. To understand this variety is quite difficult. A classic massage is surely familiar to you. But what is cryomassage or ultrasound massage? There were also new types of vacuum massage. Let's look a little more with an interesting site, what it is.


Modern types of massage



Cryomassage is one of the procedures that promote skin rejuvenation. It is suitable for women over 35 years. This massage reduces visible wrinkles, contributes to the narrowing of pores, this type of massage is also used to enhance hair growth.


Ultrasound massage is also used in cosmetology. It solves skin problems such as acne, enlarged pores, wrinkles and scars on the skin, age spots. Contraindications such a massage does not have, except for one thing - it can not be done often. Actually, this rule applies to any type of massage.


The next type of massage that you are ready to offer today is a vacuum massage.This species is used in cases of weak immunity, with diseases associated with metabolic disorders. It also helps with cellulite and obesity.


Vacuum massage helps to remove toxic substances from the body, helps restore metabolic processes.


Contraindicated is a massage for pregnant women, as well as people suffering from heart and vascular disease.


Another type of massage, which is offered by cosmetologists, is Jacquet massage. Apply it mainly for oily, problematic, acne prone skin. It promotes deep cleansing of the skin. Contraindications in this case will be skin diseases.


But the most pleasant of the massages that are offered in the salons for weight loss - this, of course, honey massage. Undoubtedly, honey has many healing properties that are effectively used in cosmetology. It promotes the excretion of harmful substances from the body, makes the skin elastic.


Honey massage, unlike the previous types, is done manually. This is quite a painful procedure, but it has no contraindications, and the effect is excellent. This view is especially well combined with cryomassage.

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