Motanka Rag Doll

Motanka made by loving maternal hands will surely please your daughter. A rag doll is made so simply that even a four or five year old child can do it. What will be needed: - circles made of cloth. Each circle should differ from the previous one in a slightly smaller diameter. To make a dress it is enough to take 3-5 circles of color matching materials; - a rectangle of white cloth for the head and hands of Motanka; - a triangular scarf (half of a 15x15 square folded diagonally) tapes or just strips of fabric; - a filler for a head of a doll, for example, a synthetic winterizer or cotton wool; - a fabric for twisting. 1. We begin making the doll with a twist - a strip of cloth, twisted into a roll. It can and does not do, but twisting gives the doll additional stability.
 Moth Robe
 Rag doll Motanka
2.We roll the ball, put the end of the twist inside it, and grip the top with a cloth with the largest circle diameter. We fix at the bottom of the thread or a rubber band for banknotes. We got the head of a doll and her lower dress.  Motanka rag doll
 Motanka rag doll
3. We take the largest of the remaining circles of the fabric, girth it with the middle of the head of the doll and fix it with an elastic band. We repeat so many times - how many we have circles-blanks. The uppermost circle will be the smallest diameter. The result was a multi-layered puffy skirt.
Rag doll Motanka
 Motanka rag doll
4. We take a white rectangle, we fix it under the head. We form hands or sleeves from the free side parts of the rectangle, tying the edges with an elastic band or thread.
 Motanka rag doll
Motanka rag doll
5.We decorate the head of the Motanka with a warrior and tie a bright kerchief.
 Motanka rag doll
 Cloth doll Motanka
Motanka rag doll With such It is pleasant to play with a doll and play, and sleep, putting Motanka under the cheek!

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