Myths about hair and face care

Recipes for hair and face there is a huge amount. Some of them we know from our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, other recipes are advised to us by friends or the Internet. But not all recommendations should be heeded. Trusting supposedly proven advice, you can seriously harm your appearance. Here are some basic myths about hair and face care that are not recommended to believe.

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Myth one. Head can not be washed every day. In fact, it is not. There are people who have a more rare washing of hair, hair turns into a real horror. You can and should wash your head as often as your hair requires. For example, after playing sports it is imperative to carry out this procedure. Just so that with frequent washing does not harm the hair, you need to find a good quality shampoo.

The second myth. Washing with contrasting water is good for the skin. In this case, everything is individual. The alternate washing with water of different temperatures really helps to train the vessels.Hot water expands blood vessels, and cold - narrows them. From this procedure, the skin becomes more taut, but only under the condition that your vessels are completely healthy. And to find out their condition you need to be examined by a doctor. If, without proper consultation, you begin to perform a contrast washing, you can earn acne and a capillary mesh, so it is better not to engage in such preventive washing.

The third myth. Acne can crush at home. This is a very serious procedure, and it is better to spend it in a beauty salon. At home, you can bring the infection and further aggravate the situation. But, let's face it, people quite often eliminate acne at home. And if this is one pimple, then clearing the face and hands, you can remove it. But, if there are a lot of rashes, then it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Myth Four. Baby soap - the best makeup remover. Many women are absolutely sure of this. And they are mistaken. Soap, although made with the characteristics of the child's body, still contains alkali, which is detrimental to the skin of the face. Soap dries the skin, and even if you have it fat, soap does not suit you.Pick up special means for washing and use only him.

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The fifth myth. Antibacterial soap helps eliminate acne. It is not true. Acne occurs due to disorders in the formation of sebum. The skin becomes a fertile soil for the development and accumulation of bacteria. Antibacterial soap can not cure from rashes. It further violates the skin microflora, destroying the "good" bacteria. So, soap will not help get rid of acne.

The sixth myth. If you rub your hair with a towel, they will be shiny and silky. I do not know who invented this, but it is impossible to do so precisely. Hair is very fragile and painfully react to all mechanical effects. And now imagine what will happen to them from the hard rubbing of the towel. Hair is allowed only a little wet with a soft towel and all. To hair was silky, properly care for them.

The seventh myth. The more cream, the more good. This is not so, I would say this is just a transfer of funds. The skin is able to absorb only a certain amount of cream, just as much as it needs. And the extra cream will only promote the reproduction of bacteria and the clogging of pores.

There are a lot of myths about hair and face care, so you should always think with your head, because with good intentions you can harm your appearance and body very much. Be beautiful, healthy and reasonable.

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