Myths and stereotypes in sex that are time to forget: a man’s gaze

Myth number 1: the key is good - the lock is not very

Many believe that a man is obsessed only with sex, and he does not need love. A woman, on the contrary, is looking for love, and sex for her is a forced affair. Therefore, a man allegedly has the right to have many connections, and a woman must be pure and pure.

Remember the parable that one key fits a good lock, and a good key opens many locks? Here it is, the universal injustice!

In fact, everything changes, and the sexual relationship between a man and a woman does not stand still. Women begin to feel more free in sexual relations. They do not get married after the first night of love. And even (what a nightmare!) Initiate sex at once.

What does this actually mean? And the fact that one should not blindly follow the stereotype and get married at 20, because “so decent”, or marry at 30, because “friends have been married for a long time”.

Myth number 2: everything should be perfect

Especially - appearance. Well, the truth is, women will always find flaws in their appearance: too thin, too full, chest small, legs short, and if there is a pimple on the priest ...

When a woman complex in bed, it is noticeable. The man instantly strains, he is at a loss: to console her, open the point of psychological help or still make love?

It’s time for the girls to understand: if a man is your section and the process has gone, he absolutely doesn’t care about the folds on your left side and the number of cubes on his stomach.

When you have sex, you are the most desired woman for him in the world. Remember this and love yourself.

Myth number 3: Friendship and nothing but friendship

Some women are sure that you can just be friends with men. Probably, as with girlfriend Lena.

Perhaps I will disappoint someone now, but such a friendship does not exist. “The friendship between a man and a woman is the relationship of either former lovers or future ones,” said Bernard Shaw, and I fully agree with him.

No matter how hard you try to maintain neutrality, the brain constantly scans your "friend", notes its strengths and weaknesses, analyzes whether you can succeed. The same does the man.

Myths and stereotypes in sex that are time to forget: a man’s gaze

Myths and stereotypes in sex that are time to forget: a man’s gaze

Myth number 4: everyone wants a bad guy

It really works, but not for long. For a while she will be delighted with his strength, pressure, she will be pleased with his rude caress. The feeling of weakness and submission can give a new facet of pleasure.

But one day a woman will play enough in quietness and will want differently. She suddenly begins to demand tenderness and affection, true intimacy and sensuality.

Here the main thing for a man is not to blunder and get out of the image of a bad-boy in time. If you look at the big picture, different women like different men. And over a lifetime, tastes and preferences are changing on both sides.

Myth number 5: on the ground - no, no!

Many girls sprinkle ashes on their heads: “Oh, how slutty I am, I gave myself to him on the first date!” They think that the guy will not respect them because of this and serious relations will not work.

How wrong you are, dear! A typical female delusion is to consider sex on a first date a disaster.

In fact, this state of affairs only flatters the man: she could not resist, and this tickles his ego, because he is so good. By and large, sex on the first date does not affect anything. If a man is looking for a serious relationship, he will continue to look closely to you, and if he was looking only for entertainment, he has already found it. In general, do not complicate things.

Myth number 6: once and for life

I met with the conviction that the first sex is remembered for life and to the first guy the girl is attached forever.

This is an exaggeration. In the end, the first sex is also sex, the same as the second, third, tenth. Hormones rage at each of them. The only difference is: gradually you and your partner will become closer, and your relationship will be more confidential. Including with a new partner.

Negative experience will be difficult to forget, but possible.

Surely attachment that occurs after sex, conceived by nature. So that a man and a woman stay together and continue the race. And in the XXI century, everything happens under a more complex scheme.

Myths and stereotypes in sex that are time to forget: a man’s gazeMyths and stereotypes in sex that are time to forget: a man’s gaze

Myth number 7: keep your face

"If I'm too relaxed, he will not like it, he will think that I'm indecent." With such a thought begins the theatrical performance "The Modest" instead of normal sex.

Many stubbornly follow medieval ideas about what is “supposed” and what is “not supposed to” done in bed. Yes, with such zeal, as if for disobedience followed by torture by the fire.

Dear, any normal man understands that a woman wants to have fun and give it to a partner without limiting herself to the framework.

The best gift and the sexiest compliments for a man when a woman feels so comfortable and safe with him that she “lets go of her brakes”. Ultimately, you want him to love you or an actress?

Myth number 8: 7 days a week

"For a happy relationship, you have to make love every day." Perhaps, if you only met, it is. But then it may turn out that your biorhythms, temperament and physical extract differ.

If he works from morning till night, sometimes he definitely wants to lie down under a blanket and fall asleep. You do not need to make tragedy out of this and look for what is wrong with you.

Similarly, a woman may not want intimacy for reasons unrelated to man. This is perfectly normal, and should not be tormented by remorse.

Get off the convention!

Conventions, stereotypes and rules constrain and limit sex life. Guided by the myths of sex means to follow someone else's fear, complexes, and outright nonsense.

A woman seduces a man when she notices her personal desires and desires of her partner. Think about who is near you and what purpose you are pursuing in this relationship.

Public labels and opinions of others will not add joy to intimate relationships and will not make anyone happy. Listen to yourself.

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