New Opel Ampera photo, feature

New Opel Ampera photo, feature Opel Ampère photoOpel Ampera Photos

Opel Ampere 2012



Since the creation of the first car people are arguing - which fuel is the most safe for the environment and is appropriate to use? Gasoline, diesel, gas? Or maybe electricity?

Recently leading automobile factories and corporations are engaged in development of electric cars and introduction of hybrid technologies. As a result, General Motors created the world's first production car with the advantages of an electric car and a traditional internal combustion engine (ICE). The new Opel Ampera of 2012 is driven by an electric motor, and the internal combustion engine is used together with a generator that recharges lithium-ion batteries.

What are the advantages of an electric motor? According to statistics, 80% of the world's population travels up to 80 km per day. Therefore, just by the way, the brand new Opel Ampera - able to overcome this distance without recharging, without polluting the environment. But if you plan a long trip, and recharging every 160 km is not an option? The Opel Ampère is also equipped with a gas generator - a 1.4 liter 86 hp petrol engine and a generator that charges the battery.Thus, with a fully charged battery and 35 liters of gasoline in the tank, you can drive 500 km - the driver needs only to monitor the devices and the rally meter, and the electronics themselves will choose the desired mode.

On the dashboard, two monitors light up, so you can go. The automatic transmission lever must be moved to position D, slightly press the gas pedal, and the car starts moving smoothly and silently. Accelerate to 100 km / h Opel Amp can in just 9 seconds, and the maximumelectric car speed Opel Ampera- 161 km / h. As soon as you release the gas pedal, the braking energy regeneration system starts automatically.

In the settings there are four modes that the driver can choose depending on the style of driving and the surrounding conditions. These are the Normal, Sport, Mountain and Hold-charge modes. In Sport mode, a faster response to pressing the accelerator pedal prevails. But the sports mode in the Opel Ampère requires more energy, and therefore the distance that it is possible to travel with electric is reduced. Mountain mode is advisable in mountainous areas with prolonged rises and increased power consumption.And the mode of Hold-charge forcibly engages the internal combustion engine, without spending battery power.

Salon Opel Ampère made under the motto: "Everything for your comfort." The driver information center monitor serves as a dashboard. And the data on the operation of the power plant are displayed on a display located on the center console. The number of seats is calculated as follows: driver, three passengers and their luggage. Depending on the location of the rear seat trunk size 310-1005 liters. The standard equipment of the car includes climate control and air conditioning / cabin ventilation, audio system heated front seats.

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