Bulk paper fir tree {Origami}

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After the publication of the article: A volumetric card in the form of a heart, we received a large number of proposals, including on the New Year theme. We all remember these wonderful books, at the opening of which, thesmall townrose. Today we will make a similar three-dimensional postcard, but in the style ofPixel Art.

What we need:

- Knife

- Colored paper

- Ruler

- Needle

- Files to print (at the end of the post)

How to make a bulk card:

- For best results, make sure you have a sharp blade.

- Accuracy and patience are definitely the key to success. It certainly becomes easier when you understand how to do it.

Step1.Download and print the template you need.

Step2.Spread Accuranto along the green line.

Step3.Carefully fold along the black line, as shown in the image above.

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