Original bracelet

All girls love jewelry. It is pleasant when a suitable decoration is found in the “treasury” for all occasions. However, it happens that it is not always what to wear to the chosen clothes. Help comes skilled hands, accessories and a bit of free time. Do not worry, it is not difficult to make a decoration, now you will see for yourself. What you need to purchase: - Accessories: rings, pendants; - Threads. You can use floss or iris. She will not nap when worn and will not greatly change the color of the glue; - Old bracelets. Ordinary thin “tins”, which are cheap and sold in any shop with jewelry; - Glue; - Scissors.
What you need to purchase
Getting to the manufacture. Take the bracelet and drip glue on the side. Do not overdo it, we just need to fix the beginning of the thread.
 Original bracelet
We begin to wind the thread until the glue is high.Just wrap a few turns around the bracelet, in the place where you just dropped glue.
 dripping with glue
Continue to wind the thread around the base of the bracelet. Occupation is slightly dreary, but still interesting. After all, at the end you will get a beautiful decoration that you just made yourself. So that the thread at the sock does not unwind, if suddenly it is rubbed in some place, drip glue in some places as it is twisted to fix the thread on the bracelet in several places.
 We start to wind the thread
When you get to the end - the beginning of the thread on the bracelet, one last time put glue on the bracelet and wind the thread on top. Carefully cut the tip of the thread and, while the glue is still dry, press it to the base of the bracelet.  winding the thread on the base
Let's start decorating the bracelet. This part is the most interesting. We start to hang rings and pendants on the bracelet. last time drip with glue You can choose a wide variety of locations. If you want, you can hang all the pendants near or just at the ends of the bracelet, as you want and like it more. Experiment and select your option. I decided to divide the pendants 4-5 rings.
 Let's start decorating the bracelet
The pendant can be a great variety or vice versa of modest 2-3 pieces. I have 5 of them, one large, two medium and two small.  choose the most diverse This is the bracelet we got. If you wind a few pieces of different colors, then you can wear a new one every day. And if you want to dress all at once, creating a bizarre rainbow of bracelets on your arm. It looks rather original, and it's done easily and quickly enough.  Original bracelet with your own hands

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