Decorative Tree

Good day to all. Now I will tell you and show you how to make a beautiful decorative tree. We need the following for this: -Garse. -Palk (tree trunk). -Plastic ball. -Gazeta (paper).-Gips (cement). -Decorative Grass. -Plue PVA. -Lac. -Clean. -Scissors., -Gluffed paper. First take pot, fill it with plaster and insert the trunk in the middle of the pot. After the plaster hardens, we paint the future tree trunk with varnish.
 fill the gypsum
Let's leave the pot aside and tackle the ball. At the center of the ball, make a hole for the trunk. It can be done with a knife, and you can do it like I do with fire.  make a hole for the trunk
Next we take the newspaper, tearing glue it on pieces and glue the ball from all sides, only you don’t need to glue the hole.
 pasting the ball
Putting the ball aside and deal with the foliage of the tree. To do this, take the napkins and cut them into equal squares.To do this, simply fold the napkin in half, then again in half and cut.
 take napkins and cut
Now we will collect our tree, you just need a ball put on the barrel.
 collect our tree
Let's go back to our little squares, you can roll them up like this and stick them to the tip of our ball.
 glue the squares
glue the small squares
 stick small squares
 glue the small squares
And you can do it easier. We take a small square and just lift its corners up, and glue it to the ball in the middle.
 glue the whole ball
So glue the whole ball.
glue the whole ball
After that,let's work on a pot, rather, we will hide the plaster with the help of ornamental grass.
 a little decor
In principle, the tree is ready, but it is better to add a little decor to it. Take corrugated paper and make apples out of it. You need to straighten the paper and cut the squares, after that, you need to roll the square into a ball, these will be our apples.
 roll into a ball
Glue the apples in a chaotic manner on wood.
Glue the apples
Here's our decorative tree.
Ornamental tree The same way you can do another tree.
Decorative tree

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