Ovarian cyst: symptoms, treatment

There are several types of ovarian cysts:

  1. Ovarian cyst of the corpus luteum;
  2. Follicular;
  3. Functional;
  4. Endometrioid;
  5. Paraovarial;
  6. Dermoid;
  7. Mucinous

The cyst of the ovary of the yellow body is filled with a yellow liquid in which there may be blood. Often such a cyst happens on one side. The follicular is formed on the ovary. The reason for the formation is hormonal imbalance.

�Symptoms of ovarian cysts

Symptoms may vary due to the size and type of tumor. A neglected cyst is large and often disrupts the functioning of internal organs.

Symptoms often include:yellow body ovarian cyst

  • fever;

  • vomiting;

  • suppuration:

  • severe pain due to the twisting of the cyst;

  • bowel problems, diarrhea or constipation;

  • violation of urination;

  • after intercourse, lower abdominal pain may occur;

  • �on the body and face increases hair growth.

How to diagnose an ovarian cyst

Ultrasound is the most popular way to diagnose ovarian cyst disease.With it, you can observe the location and size of the cyst. Quite often, a biopsy is taken for analysis (pinching off a small piece of tissue). The most reliable way to recognize a cyst is to perform a laparoscopy. This method is also used to treat it.

�Ovarian cyst treatment

�An uncomplicated cyst is treated in a conservative manner. The doctor prescribes homeopathic medicines, vitamins, in rare cases acupuncture. In advanced cases, surgery is used.

�Apply several methods of treatment by surgery:

  • oophorectomy;

  • cyst removal;

  • removal of the uterus.

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