Necklace Fire Flashes

Fire Flask Necklace We are governed by mood, our life depends on what color it is today. Sunny on the soul or overcast, we try not to notice it when we have to go to work or do usual household chores. But this can.

Banana Pudding

Banana Pudding Banana Puddingis a recipe. Pudding is a terrific dessert from the United States, consisting of pudding, cookies and bananas. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of milk; 70 g sugar; 1 tbsp flour; 2 tsp. starch; pinch of vanilla; 2 yolks; 14 cookies; 2 bananas.

Dried Fruit Mix

Dried Fruit Mix Dried Fruit Mixis a recipe. Ingredients: dried fruits: raisins - 200 grams, prunes - 200 grams, dried apricots - 200 grams; walnuts 150g; lemons 2 pieces; honey 300 gr. Cooking Pre-dried fruits are soaked in hot water for 15 minutes. At.

Maki Hair Accessories

Maki Hair Ornaments These elastic bands are decorations made of satin ribbon. Making is not difficult, without special tools. Let's prepare for work: - red satin ribbon 5 cm wide. - two spools of thread for sewing black and blue. - a little green.

Rope chandelier (lamp)

Rope chandelier (lamp) Materials and tools: plastic bottle; hacksaw; Scotch; gum; scissors; a lamp (a plafond, a switch, a plug); Modge-Podge glue; sandpaper; thick yarn (twine, packing rope); Warning! Do not use incandescent lights. Step 1 Take a plastic bottle and cut off the.

How to use a compass

How to use a compass Do you know how to use a compass? Since people moved from fields, forests and settled in cities, the need to orientate on the ground has disappeared as useless. But for those who have connected their lives with travel.

Illuminated Mirrors

Illuminated Mirrors Mirrors with highlights stand out against the background of ordinary mirror canvases, especially with the advent of darkness. These products are subject to increased requirements for electrical and fire safety, in connection with which it is necessary to take a responsible approach.

Making a Fruit Tray

Making Fruit Trays Make a Fruit Tray- a master class, we make two beautiful summer trays painted in the form of a watermelon and an orange. Materials and tools: two round billets 2-3 cm thick and 40-50 cm in diameter; drill and screws; spoons.

How to meet guests

How to meet guests How to meet guests On the day of reception, take care of the last details. Think again about the course of the reception. Refresh the names of the guests, their spouses and friends, see interesting news in the newspapers. Clean.

How to save memory

How to save memory? ​​Human Memory striking in its uniqueness. This is a property of the human brain that records, stores and, if necessary, reproduces information. There are several theories of memory. Nobody can yet understand how the human brain can absorb and remember.

Ornamental Tree

Decorative Tree Good day to all. Now I will tell you and show you how to make a beautiful decorative tree. We need the following for this: -Garse. -Palk (tree trunk). -Plastic ball. -Gazeta (paper).-Gips (cement). -Decorative Grass. -Plue PVA. -Lac. -Clean. -Scissors., -Gluffed.

Original gift box

Original gift box We will need: - Paper for watercolor - Capacity with water - Brush - Watercolor - Glue - Scissors - Pencil - Ruler - Plain paper Let's get started. First, let's draw on the paper for watercolor the scheme of our.

Why love goes away

Why does love go away? Any relationship one way or another go through certain stages of development. For example, the first is the pink-marshmallow stage, at which the partner is idealized to a greater or lesser extent. And the development of further stages, their.

How to tie a girl

How to tie a girl? How to tie a girl? Bondage, or in another way, tying, is the simplest kind of sadomasochism. In French, sexual chaining is called “ligottage” (from the word ligotage, slavery or dependence). Many people believe that tying a partner in.

Motanka Rag Doll

Motanka Rag Doll Motanka made by loving maternal hands will surely please your daughter. A rag doll is made so simply that even a four or five year old child can do it. What will be needed: - circles made of cloth. Each circle.


Cards-boots There are already a few days before the New Year, and there is still so much time to do. Holiday fuss is always a pleasant, albeit rather cumbersome, effort. The works, as they say, are not an open edge, you don't even know.

Felt monkeys

Felt monkeys The yard is already the end of October and we can already say, we are entering the home stretch at the end of 2015 and the onset of the long-awaited 2016 monkey. In place of the fluffy and airy lamb symbol of.

City of violins

City of violins Many consider "the birthplace of violins" the city of Cremona in the Italian province of Lombardy. However, this does not mean that the violin was invented in Cremona, on this account there are different opinions. The greatest violin masters were born.

Strip Footing

Strip footing The strip foundation is a closed outline of reinforced concrete, the task of which is to retain the supporting walls of the structure on its surface, and to evenly distribute the weight of the entire building. Therefore, the construction of the foundation.

Little Roses

Little Roses The beauty of the rose can be admired forever. In the garden, this plant blooms for only three months, and the rest of the time you have to enjoy exclusively purchased flowers. If you do not want to spend extra money to.

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