Pavel Priluchnyy: “My wife can’t get through with any scenes”

In the new film “Love with Restrictions”, Pavel Priluchnyi played a guy who moved to a wheelchair for a career. The actor spoke about the shooting, his beloved family and the similarities with his brother.
Pavel, was it difficult to act in such an unexpected role?
Pavel Priluchny

Entry into the role was not difficult, and the shootings were attended by consultants who helped and guided in the right direction. Among the heroes of the film were real wheelchairs, which are 120% coped with their role. The rest are professional actors: Ilya Glinnikov, Aleksey Vorobyev, Anya Starshenbaum, Aleksey Chadov. Together we have managed to make an excellent comedy on a hot topic, which has not yet been touched upon in cinema.

That's just unexpected that the film turned out in the comedy genre ...
Pavel Priluchny

Exactly! Many of the children with disabilities said that they wouldn’t go to drama - it’s uninteresting, we’ve got drama all our life, let's laugh and have fun,only this prolongs somehow life, gives energy, emotions and joy! After the shootings, my attitude to life changed in many ways, I began to communicate differently and generally treat people with disabilities. The situation of awkwardness when communicating just flushes all borders, you understand that there should be no borders between people, including wheelchairs, those with cerebral palsy, and so on. Everyone can get in their place, no matter when, at what point in life.

The premiere took place on the eve of March 8th. Tell us how you congratulated your beloved women: mother, wife, daughter Miyu?
Pavel Priluchny

On March 8, we and our wife had a performance in St. Petersburg, so all the flowers presented were for her. In general, we have such a tight holiday schedule - March 1 is Agatha’s birthday, March 3 is daughters ...

You often leave home - how do you communicate with baby Mia and three-year-old son Timofey?
Pavel Priluchny

I try to take children with me to the shooting, but if for some reason it does not work out, we are always in touch by phone through wife Agatha. Timofey has no phone, and I think it is not necessary yet. He already plays too much in the iPad.

In the first series of the new season of the TV series “Major” you played with a beard, and you are so alike in this image with your brother Sergey that it is simply amazing!
Pavel Priluchny

Yes, we are very similar with beards! They even sent each other photos.When they put a beard on me, I clicked, sent it to him, and he: “No, bro, look, I will have more”. Just generally one person! And before that, they didn’t look like them at all; the older we get, the more we have something in common. One time, about 7 years ago, he was quite thin, it is now picked up. He then had one face with Hugh Jackman, so much so that when he came to me for the wedding, people turned on him and not on me. They asked: "Is this really Hugh Jackman?" They even took pictures with him! I am glad that I have it. It is a pity that he lives in Novosibirsk, but not next to me. Novosibirsk is a beautiful city, and I love it ... And my brother loves even more.

On the top photo Pavel Priluchny, and on the bottom his elder brother Sergey
Photo: Frame from film / personal archive of Sergey Priluchny
Photo: Sergey Priluchny’s personal archive
Previously, the brothers were not so similar
Photo: Sergey Priluchny’s personal archive
You rarely come ...
Pavel Priluchny

Unfortunately, very expensive tickets: it is much cheaper to travel to a warm country than to fly to Novosibirsk. But I am going to come soon with a performance. It will be in a month or two.

Dense loading and frequent premieres - happiness for the actor, and yet how do you do everything?
Pavel Priluchny

This is good, probably, but sometimes you want, as an ordinary person, - so that there is some sort of change of scenery. When the schedule is tight, there is no time left for any hobby. But it’s impossible ...

And if it were not for an acting career, how would your life be? As a child, you were engaged in boxing, you have the category of master of sports. Would you achieve results in a big sport?
Pavel Priluchny

Well, in sports, I could hardly have achieved results, because my eyesight began to deteriorate at some point, and the whole thing was abandoned. But in some car maintenance centers, perhaps, the result would be achieved. I loved the car, still happy to dig into them.

In each picture with your participation there is a love line. Is your wife Agatha not jealous?
Pavel Priluchny

She has a cold-blooded Latvian mentality, of course, you can’t "break through" her with any scenes. She gets her share of confidence and because of this, neither one nor the other is jealous of us.

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