Dremel phone stand

In fashion is minimalism, and its main message is "nothing superfluous." We offer to produce an easy-to-carry, but at the same timestylish wooden stand for mobile phone charger. Dremel multifunctional tools will be excellent assistants in this.

Materials and tools:

  1. Dremel 4000 multi-tool;
  2. Dremel Precision Grip (577);
  3. Dremel prefix for milling (335);
  4. Dremel 1.6 MM engraving cutter (113);
  5. rubber feet for the stand;
  6. A wooden disk
  7. sandpaper, pencil, ruler, goggles.

Step 1

To begin with, measure the width and thickness of the phone with a ruler. We transfer this data to a wooden base - the future stand. The result is a rectangle.

Step 2

Then use the prefix for milling (335) to make a recess in the rectangle. If necessary, clean the resulting cavity with sandpaper.

Warning: do not forget to wear safety glasses!

Step 3

Take the Dremel 4000 multi-tool with a 1.6 MM (113) engraving tool nozzle and drill two holes next to each other to form a groove.

Step 4

We turn over the wooden stand and pull the cord from the phone's charger into the groove. For the stability of a wooden platform, we recommend attaching rubber or wooden legs from the bottom.

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