Pillowcases in patchwork technique

Almost every girl, girl or woman tries herself in embroidery. Many people like and delays such crafts for a long time. The first embroidery is usually small in size and with a children's theme. Such works are framed and used as wall decorations. But if there are a lot of such embroideries, then it will be too much to hang everything on the wall, then you can make decorative pads. For such pads, you will need: - embroidery 25 * 25 cm, -small remnants of different cotton fabrics, -synthesis 45 * 45cm, -miln length 45cm. The first thing you need is to iron all the fabrics and embroidery. Cut out small squares 5 * 5cm from multi-colored patches. And we spread around the embroidery, as we like, in any sequence. Shuffle several times, that would like the result.
We take the 6 lower and 6 upper squares and sew them" caterpillar ". We sew one by one. Thoroughly smooth out the face and inside out.Smooth need a hot iron without steam! During ironing iron pull in one direction. You don't need to fidget here and there, otherwise the stitched part is deformed.
" Caterpillars "are sewn to the upper and lower edge of the embroidery. Smooths smoothly from the face and inside.
 We sew the tracks to the top
We sew" tracks "from 8 squares on the left side and on the right side. Well ironed and sewn to the embroidery. I want to note that ironing after each step of sewing is very important! Make sure that the allowances from the inside out look in one direction! Then the rags will be smooth and neat.
 We sew the tracks on the sides
Cut out two strips of 7 * 32 cm and sew on the tracks on the left and on the right from embroidery. Ironing seams.
 pillowcases in patchwork technique
Cut out two strips of 7 * 42 cm and sew above and below from embroidery. Again all iron. pillowcases in patchwork technology
We take a synthetic winterizer and a piece of any fabric measuring 45 * 45 cm in size. And we form a three-layer sandwich, we cut it across the whole field with pins that we would stick together and we quilt. You can lash straight lines at the seams joints, and you can use different patterns, as in the photo. After stitches, trim the exposed sintepon and lower fabric. Crop, focusing on the front side, the one with embroidery. We got a front blank with dimensions of 40 * 40 cm.
 pillowcases in patchwork technique
>img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/7/798-navolochki-v-loskutnoy-tehnike.jpg" alt="pillowcases in patchwork technique" title="pillowcases in patchwork technology">
Getting to the wrong side of the pillowcase. Cut two flaps of 40 * 25 cm from the fabric. Sew a zipper on the sides 45 cm long.
 pillowcases in patchwork technique
Connecting the face and wrong side of the pillowcase . To do this, we arrange these blanks inside out to the inside and on the face along the perimeter we lay a line.
 pillowcases in patchwork technique
Preparing for an edging. Cut a strip with dimensions of 6 * 165cm.If there is no such long cut. Then you can connect several short strips.
 pillowcases in patchwork
The long strip is folded along and smoothed iron. pillowcases in patchwork technology We sew the received bake to the wrong side of the pillowcase. To do this, we organize sections to sections and sew on the width of the foot. Create corners.
 pillowcases in a scrappy technique
 pillowcases in a patchwork technique Beyke turn away on the face and pins we pin to the pillowcase, we pay special attention to the corners!
 pillowcases in a scrappy technique
Bakey sew by hand to the front of the pillow cases. It is better to use a secret seam.
 pillowcases in a scrappy technique
 pillowcases in patchwork technique Here is a pillowcase we get as a result.The face is a patchwork technique with embroidery, the underside is monophonic with a zipper. This pillowcase will serve as an excellent decoration for children.  pillowcases in patchwork technique
 pillowcase from the back

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