Poems graduates in kindergarten and school on the last bell - beautiful and touching to tears texts in verses

The most beautiful, touching and tender poems to tears are devoted to graduates at the last bell in kindergarten or school by educators, class teacher, teachers and parents. Future first-graders are willing to diligently prepare for entry to school and listen carefully to teachers, 4th grade students are recommended to have a good rest in the summer to dip into the vortex of new subjects and disciplines in the fall with fresh forces. Girls and boys who have decided to leave school after grade 9 are teaching their successes and wanting to easily learn the useful skills necessary to acquire a good profession in the future. Those who remain to continue learning are reminded that in the next two years it is worthwhile to concentrate on the lessons and clearly determine which institution to enter.

The most reverent, sublime poems, inspiring to accomplishments and attuning to the positive, are selected for pupils of the 11th grade. At the party on the occasion of the graduation ball with poetic lines, the parents and teachers, the head teacher and the head of the school address young men and women. The eleventh-graders wish all the best in destiny, successful entry into the university and easy road to their most bold, bright and important life goal. Separately, children are asked not to forget the wonderful years spent at the school desk, and to actively use the knowledge that they were given by the teacher.

Poems graduates in kindergarten and school on the last bell - beautiful and touching to tears texts in verses

Joyful poems graduates of the kindergarten from teachers and parents

Poems graduates in kindergarten and school on the last bell - beautiful and touching to tears texts in verses

The end of the kindergarten is the first significant event in the life of a baby. At this point, he says goodbye to a carefree childhood, consisting only of games, fun activities and short creative activities. Now we have to spend most of the time at school, sit in class, listen to the teachers carefully and do our homework painstakingly. There will be more responsibility and requirements that need to get used to. The former kindergarden will no longer be looked upon as a helpless child, to whom everything is allowed.But all these events still have to happen, and now the smart, beautiful and such grown-up preschoolers are having fun at the final matinee and listening to poetic congratulations from adults. Joyful poems from kindergarten graduates from educators and parents sound beautiful and optimistic. Mentors wish their wards, forever leaving the roof of their first school, great success in school, excellent grades, responsible teachers and good, reliable friends. Moms and dads praise the children for the fact that they so diligently absorbed all the knowledge and skills, were almost never lazy and not capricious, they were always happy to take part in all creative activities and tried not to hooliganize, so as not to upset their relatives. All these skills will be useful in the school, which will open its doors for new students from September 1.

Collection of joyful poems for kindergarten graduates from parents and educators

A door opened in the new world,

Goodbye, kindergarten!

Waiting, baby, you now

School desks, books and notebooks!

There will be a lot of school

Light and happy days.

Get ready for the journey

And step forward boldly!


Today you are a little anxious.

Today, joyfully a little bit.

And you can understand, of course,

After all, before you a new way!

He waits, calls, scares a little,

Beckoning great things

But let the track be remembered

What in the garden every day led!


We escort you from the garden,

It's time for you to go to school!

Good luck, cute guys,

On your life journey!


Do you remember kindergarten

After all, there were glorious years!

Go easy to your dreams

With a joyful smile always!


Congratulations, guys,

With your first graduation!

We are for you, of course, happy

But a little sad.


You will not come to the kindergarten anymore,

Waiting for you new things,

But toys and cots

They will always remember you.


We wish that in school

You studied everything on "five".

And, of course, with warmth

Kindergarten to remember!


With kindergarten say goodbye

Today it is time for you.

But do not be upset -

Smile, children.


You were interested here,

It was fun to play,

Running on the platform together,

It is tasty to eat, it's sweet to sleep.


You grew up here quickly, quickly,

Became older and more intelligent.

Like suns radiant

You shone from the ideas.


Now it's time for you to go to school, kids,

There is no way back.

There will be new meetings there,

But you remember your garden.

What verses to read to graduates in grade 4 teachers and parents

Poems graduates in kindergarten and school on the last bell - beautiful and touching to tears texts in verses

In preparing the final matinee in honor of the completion of primary school, it is reasonable to ask what verses graduates in grade 4 teachers and parents should read. There may be several options, for example, rhymed works, in which children will express gratitude to the first teacher and other teachers for their love, care, attention and donated knowledge. These lines will sound very appropriate and will give the mentors the warmest and most pleasant emotions.

Separate verse couplets need to devote the first teacher. After all, four years ago she met timid first-graders on the threshold of the school, took her to the study, set up the desks, helped her settle into the team and did everything to make children feel confident and calm.

For moms and dads, it is necessary to pick up beautiful, kind and positive poems telling how important parental support is for children, how hard they are trying to earn the best possible grades in order to give close people a reason for pride. It is better to memorize the lines in advance and on the eve of the holiday to rehearse several times.Then the performance will be successful and will be greeted with applause.

A selection of poems for parents and teachers from graduates of grade 4

You introduced us to your favorite school,

And we will never forget you in life.

We remember the day, we remember even the hour

When entered the class, and we will remember.


And as you entered the class behind us,

They tried to set us up for study,

We remembered and names

And they sincerely, openly smiled.


We were slightly afraid what to hide here,

But the fear to win us helped you.

They learned to understand, to understand -

You turned us into schoolchildren easily.


Then we learned together "Primer"

And in the record even then wrote

We taught us to read you and count.

You never tired of us.


Thank you all speak together

For work, warmly, for your understanding.

Our last ring is already ringing,

And ahead of us is waiting for you goodbye.


We will say goodbye for a while

Of course, we will often visit you.

We wish you a very long life,

We wish you to teach others perfectly!


You taught us from the very beginning,

When we were only brought to school.

We practically did not know anything:

Neither two two nor the alphabet of the basics.


Thank you for this invaluable work,

For tons of nerves, because they do not return,

For the education of new generations

And instructions on the light path.


Thank you parents for being

That the nights because of us lacked sleep,

What us, beautiful, to the first call

In the morning early in the school saw off!


For not scolding us

Sometime in the classroom they found

Or a huge window ball

In the teachers' room accidentally suddenly broke!


Thanks for the support, kindness,

For the tenderness of the hands and the kind word,

For true heart kindness,

And the fact that we are always ready to help!


I remember you seeing me off,

With flowers and a first-class briefcase.

And on the line as a child, we were shy,

They approached each other, holding on to your sleeve.


I remember the fear of meeting,

My pranks, victories and successes.

Thank you for all the memories

For guidance, support and fun.


Today, saying goodbye to childhood

Growing up, we go out in people.

And in this, indisputably, and exactly

Much your merit!


There is no honorable work in the world,

Than the teacher labor is restless.

We will never forget you

And your love will be worthy.

After flipping through known volumes,

We learned to speak beautifully,

Solve examples, sing and compose.

Teacher first thanks!

We stay with you forever

Although we have matured on the step.

We wish you for many years -

We are happy and successful in learning.

We will remember the smile and eyes.

And the hands will remember the smooth movements ...

Beautiful poems for graduates of grade 9 on the last call from teachers

Poems graduates in kindergarten and school on the last bell - beautiful and touching to tears texts in verses

All the most beautiful poems for graduates of grade 9 on the last call from teachers should sound cheerful, optimistic and inspiring. It is appropriate to congratulate the guys who are planning to continue their studies with the coming of the next vacation and wish a good rest before the start of the new school year.

Schoolchildren leaving a classroom for a college or other educational institution should turn to good parting words that will motivate them to strive for goals and overcome all obstacles.

Several poems to graduates of grade 9 on the day of the last call from teachers

There is a reason for joy for you -

After all, behind the ninth grade,

Congratulations - you have become smarter,

Graduates, let them soon

Smiles will shine in an instant,

Let your success be great!

I wish to rejoice in the future

You every day, always be able to

Goals desired to achieve,

Apply knowledge in life,

Do not know the problems, sadness, troubles -

Confidently look forward!


Graduation in grade 9,

But in the eyes of both sadness and joy.

You are already graduates

Life you are students.


Let life lead you around the world,

Let fate send you greetings.

Be you always people.

Happiness in life on the way!


The ninth grade is over,

Exam passed, and the summer ahead.

Two more classes left for you

And after scatter, like cranes.


Let you not lose desire

Seek knowledge to comprehend.

To make you worthy people

And they lived wisely, as in the precepts of parables.


Be healthy, respect the elders

Love those who are very close to you.

And be sure to give joy

Ready "DZ" teachers.


The ninth grade is over,


You will find a special, interesting way

Today we sincerely wish

With him now, do not roll!

We also wish everyone patience

Fun, joy and live without troubles

And do not lose the mood guys

And they are not afraid of difficulties forever!


That's the last bell rang,

The wind leaves the trees outside.

The ninth class already flew to the end,

School native is also your home.


Stage of becoming, knowledge, anxiety,

So many of these walls are stored.

Today, a little bit summarize

And tomorrow is the tenth time for you to rush.


Now we want to wish you guys

To "tomorrow" you know and bring light.

Learn, dare, and know, once

We will be proud and know that you - the power!

Poems on the last call to graduates of grade 11 from teachers

Poems graduates in kindergarten and school on the last bell - beautiful and touching to tears texts in verses

Beautiful poems for the last call of 11th grade graduates from teachers is, in a way, a parting word that the teachers devote to their wards leaving school and leaving for a large, colorful adult world. In the rhymed couplets you can express your love for the students, who became for the years spent together, almost native. It would be appropriate to say good wishes to move easily along the life path to your goal, not to be afraid of arising obstacles, to appreciate friendship and in all situations to remain a sincere, honest and open person, ready to give a helping hand to those who need it.

Texts in verses from teachers for graduates on the last call in grade 11

Graduates, we sincerely congratulate you,

We wish strength - the path is difficult in life,

But you appreciate what will be the main:

Friends, health and family comfort!


We wish you find your calling.

Let those who believe in you be near

Dear wishes come true

So that your life is successful.


To make fewer mistakes in life,

You stay forever yourself

So that fun and carefree lived

Hope with you, faith and love!


Today graduation is circling you,

A beautiful certificate is given,

Native school met you

11 short years in a row.


Today wish guys

We wish you big success,

Let the fate of the five put you

In your new life diary.


May your happiness be bright,

Let it be ardent love,

Let the desire for new knowledge

Always worry about your blood.


Eleven years of entertaining,

Difficult, but sometimes fun,

Perky, such attractive,

Have you left in the past.


And in the future - all interesting,

A new coil awaits you,

But the school years are wonderful

That in memory everyone saved!


Go ahead and create,

Before you are big things

But the best you save,

What the school gave me.


Say goodbye to the school is not easy,

Now you know it,

It seems so many questions!

Tasks are not all solved.


But we congratulate you with a smile,

Solutions all await ahead.

Good luck, fewer mistakes!

Happy children, ways!

Good poems to graduates for the last call from the class teacher

Poems graduates in kindergarten and school on the last bell - beautiful and touching to tears texts in verses

The most good poems to graduates on the last call will get from the class teacher.The teacher, who has been spending almost every day with his students for many years, and sometimes better than parents knowing the situation and the problems arising from the children, will address his students with special words. He will wish each of the guys never lose their presence of mind, believe in their own strength, not be afraid of difficulties, not change their dreams and always remember that the most important thing in life is not to achieve material success or hold a high position, but to become truly a good, honest person.

The list of good poems for graduates for the holiday last call from the class teacher

Last time I stand before you

How much I want to say.

I fell in love with you in the course of time,

And so do not want to lose.

The hard way we went with you

Resentment, tears and success,

But we always remained friends,

And I love you all for it.

Maybe I did not have much time,

I could not explain it intelligently,

But, believe me, I really wanted to

Teach you to think and love.

The stars go out at dawn

In the thick grass the dew will flash,

For you, I am no longer responsible,

But why does a tear run?

But why does the chest hurt so much?

And so dizzy?

And maybe that's enough, that's enough?

Is it time to change the profession?

But the voice of a cute first-grader

It made me forget everything.

But how without this Cheburashka

At least one day to live?

And forgive me all for everything

I was cutting sometimes

But you like our school,

As we have always loved you.

I want dreams to come true.

I want to be happy to see you.

I want now to smile.

Goodbye eleventh grade!


Time passed quickly,

You have grown up for serious cases

Waiting alone is a glorious and victorious path

And other simple earthly lot.


You scatter around the world,

But you all will have

Forever call the last one

And goodbye school waltz

(or: and your friendly class will be remembered)


I want to wish you so much -

And good, and happiness, and victories,

Without bumps of the road of life,

With the benefit of living beautiful, long years,


And so that you can safely

See yourself in the eyes

Life is beautiful and dignified,

To be lucky in their fate.


And also, so that you do not forget

My dear classmates,

To call, invited guests,

Spared no time for them.


And also to remember the minutes

The ones that we all had together,

And more than once flew everywhere

From different parts of the big Earth.


Now you have become adults too,

Childhood imperceptibly, as it went,

You once did not know much

It was hard for you to try,


In the classroom you were barely sitting

Changes could not wait

But they could do fives,

And they boldly went to their victories.


Tomorrow you yourself will begin

On the road of life go,

You will find a lot of different things,

You will meet a lot on the way,


Someone gets to the top,

Someone will live unnoticed

For someone there is a pedestal,

And someone will glory bypass


But for each of you there is a case

To fulfill it with a soul,

To do everything worthily, bravely,

And do not lose heart over trifles.


Live happily, but try

The most important is not to forget the lesson,

The main thing, people you stay,

To have some sense from you.


As today I remember that day,

As we met for the first time.

You were so small

And they stood near their mothers.


Years passed very quickly,

You have become quite different -

A series of waiting for you problems

And another life, because matured.


Over the years, everything between us was:

Insults, pain, victories, defeats.

I remember every happy moment

After all, I loved you as my relatives.


I wish you all the plans of embodiment,

So that all your wishes come true!

And remember: wherever you go,

Try with a conscience to make a decision.


Do not bend before life is difficult,

Forward, look proudly you always.

By yourself stay forever

As for me you will remain young.


Graduation is my class,

For me, my dear,


This prom.

Tears on eyes,

Hide my glasses

See you off

Boys, girls.

I want with all my heart

Wish happiness

Kindness love

On your feet you get up.

Do not be afraid to live,

To conquer dreams

How am i without you

Ah, graduates ...

Kind, beautiful poems about subject teachers for graduates

Poems graduates in kindergarten and school on the last bell - beautiful and touching to tears texts in verses

Very kind, beautiful poems about subject teachers for graduates are a pleasure to read. In the cheerful and joyful rhymed couplets, you can sincerely thank the teachers for trying very hard to instill love for their subject and turned each lesson into a bright, original and extraordinary event. Of course, the exact sciences and complex disciplines were not always easy for all students, but the mentors did not lose hope for the best results and tried to explain formulas, equations and theorems as clearly as possible, clearly and sensibly.

But on the day of graduation, only the best is remembered, which strongly connected each child with the teachers.And neither guys nor teachers will ever forget this feeling. And even many years later, when the current graduates bring their kids to school, the warmest, pleasant memories of those wonderful, happy days they spent at their desk, listening to historians and writers, physicists and biologists, linguists, chemists will be alive in their memory. , mathematicians and other tutors, transferring their knowledge to the younger generation.

A collection of beautiful, good poems about subject teachers for graduates

In the original Byron we read,

And with the Queen watch the interview,

After all, we perfectly know English

Not leaving his homeland.


Our teacher, you are a teacher from God,

We wish you happiness and love,

And may the road be within your control,

And only good luck is waiting for you ahead.


Biology - the science of living things

And about the world where we live.

All living things in the world are akin to us:

We are not alone in the world.


Is not this an opening for us?

Thank you, congratulations!

We will cherish this knowledge

With the world in order to live!


We all learned a little bit of something and somehow,

Well, to the native literature, you have opened a bright path to us.

We are grateful to you for this, and we all thank you.

We quote in all poets and radiate creative.

A bouquet of mimosa or oil that Annushka shed ...

Everything is priceless, any phrase that came to mind.

We will be able to keep small talk always and everywhere,

So, you will only be remembered with a kind word in life.


You told us about the secrets of the Earth,

You gave us the knowledge we needed,

And all the countries of the world are now interesting,

Any routes have become known to us! Have

cheetel, our issue is so grateful to you!

Let your path be always radiant,

Good, positive and bright events,

Saturated life and new discoveries!


We are cleverly able to keep score

In life, we will not perish,

Happiness - only multiply,

Troubles - we will break up in fractions.

Learned in numbers to see

Charm and romance

After all, the teacher is first class

He taught us math.

Touching poems for graduates from parents

Poems graduates in kindergarten and school on the last bell - beautiful and touching to tears texts in verses

The most tender and touching poems are dedicated to graduates during the last bell by parents. In the quivering rhymed lines, moms and dads remember how many years ago they looked at their kids who had finished kindergarten with a smile. Then came the first acquaintance with the school. The boys and girls with some apprehension crossed the threshold of the building, where they had to stay a long eleven years.

But unnoticed, the guys finished 4th grade, said goodbye to the first teacher and moved to high school. There they were met by new subject teachers and the class teacher, who eventually became a good friend and reliable adviser.

School life became more active and was twisted by a motley kaleidoscope of different events. Something immediately turned out well and did not require any effort, some subjects and knowledge were given more difficult, but in the end they still submitted themselves to the students. At the end of the 9th grade, the children said goodbye to some classmates, who chose to acquire skills and college in their future.

And now smiling eleventh graders came to their own graduation. Dressed like princesses, the girls proudly hold the hands of their earnest young men and are preparing to open the ball with a lyrical dance. And the parents stand nearby and, brushing tears from their eyelashes, instruct the children to a new life that awaits them beyond the school threshold.

Moms and dads wish graduates to be strong, sociable and confident, not to give in to obstacles, to achieve their own and to strive to realize all the most beautiful dreams.These words penetrate the very heart and cause a hurricane of emotions in yesterday's schoolchildren. They embrace parents and solemnly swear to justify the trust placed in them. Moreover, the teachers put a lot of effort to provide their wards for this full amount of necessary knowledge.

Examples of tears touching poems graduates from parents

So the school days went by ...

Call your last call,

And his melodious trills

Do not you call for a lesson.


In the sky the blue flew away a dove white -

Symbol of peace, freedom, love ...

Went for the first time to school timidly,

And now all the roads are yours.


Ahead - adulthood page,

And friends, and love, and dreams.

White birds will fly to childhood

And in another direction - you.


Doors open for you

In a big world. It will be difficult more than once

You will move to your chosen goal,

Like in school from class to class.


This day will become a bit sad

Do not be sad - friends with you,

And takes you to the threshold

Your school is a big family!


Let today you are quite big.

I will talk about you as children for a long time.

The bell rang yesterday, but now the time has come

For you from school, saying goodbye, leave.

Parents are a little older

And you - much higher and stronger.

I wish you that your road

It was special, to go easy on it.

Strong, reliable friends to you,

Works good, beloved!

Successful fate, unique!


Today parting with the school,

Proud of us and happy for you.

We remember the past years,

How we led you into the first class.


But the road continues further

In adult life you go.

We wish you clear weather

And fewer obstacles on the way.


We wish to create and learn,

Work, search, create:

It's not scary to make mistakes

It is terrible - not to dream at all.


Ended school years,

That evening you have graduation.

We wish, in any weather

So that you come back home.


Kids grow up unnoticed

And they leave the house of their own ...

We are gorgeous on this day,

In the most important holiday - graduation -

We wish you happiness, freedom,

Find a vocation, your way.

Go ahead, get rid of adversity,

It is easy to step into the adult world!

Problems click like nuts,

Though it will be a great deal.

We believe in you. And love dearly.

Let you kids get lucky!


Here are our kids

School is behind your back,

We, parents, congratulations to all

After all, today we have a prom.


It is a day of anxiety and joy,

This is the day of the end, and the beginning,

Certificates for children handed,

The school became a life start.


We wish you all success, good luck

Let fate gather momentum

To children dear happiness

They walked through life only forward.

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