Poster by May 9 with your own hands

As a rule, posters become more popular on Victory Day. They are used not only to decorate walls in rooms, but also to organize solemn processions and parades. If there is a desire, you can easily make a poster on the topic "May 9th" with your own hands, based on plain and corrugated colored cardboard and plain white paper.

 Poster by May 9 with their own hands

Poster by May 9 with their own hands

First of all, for a poster by May 9, made with paper, to be more interesting, you need to create the effect of aging a white sheet. To do this, we write on it a congratulatory text (you can use in it fragments of children's writings, some famous phrases dedicated to the War). The text should be written in large letters. Then, using a brush, we cover the sheet with slightly diluted coffee drink or coffee. At the edges, apply the liquid a little thicker than in the center. Dried. Now it remains only with the help of a conventional lighter,matches or candles (it is more convenient to use it) to burn the edges of the sheet - and the message from the past is ready.

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