Prayer for the Nativity of Christ

Prayer for the Nativity of ChristPrayer is a frank appeal to God. The content of this conversation can be different, it basically depends on each of us individually. Since prayer can be addressed to God at any time, then the meaning of words can be different - from gratitude for something to prayer and repentance. After uttering the text of the prayer, the person becomes prosperous and calm, because he gains mental balance.

What does prayer do?

Prayer affects each person peacefully. Sometimes such a conversation with God allows you to throw off a heavy load and feel lighter and freer. Of course, this applies only to those people who sincerely believe in the existence of higher powers and are able to fully open their soul during the appeal to them.

The text of the prayer can have a free form, you can just say words coming from the depths of the heart. Each holy father will confirm that it is very good, if unaware of the words from the prayer book, tries to tell God about his state of mind as best he can. Such prayers are called private.To a greater extent they will carry a request for something or an expression of gratitude for what happened.

There is also a second type - public prayers. These are such texts that can be available in written form to everyone, thanks to them, services are held in the church. Such prayers pass from generation to generation. Texts, as a rule, are clearly structured and consist of appeals to God and all the saints, their praise, requests for all those who suffer or pray. Public prayers are divided into several types within the meaning. The first is the thank-you texts in which the expression of gratitude to God for what he has given is expressed. To the second type belong prayers-petitions. They are often accompanied by tears and carry a request to help, to give strength in this situation. To the third type can be attributed penitential texts in which a person expresses his regret about the committed sin or deed.

What does prayer do?

Prayer can not be said out loud, but turn to God mentally. This enables each person at any time to lead a monologue with God, that is, when he needs it.

Features of the prayer at Christmas

The prayer that the priest utters has a special meaning. It is believed that such texts God hears in the first place, especially if they sound in a special temple, taking into account all the liturgical canons. In addition, those prayers that are dedicated to the great religious holidays, such as the Nativity of Christ, Easter, bear special strength. It is believed that the words with which a person turns to God on such days, have great potential. If they are spoken with an open mind and repentance, then God will surely help the praying person and give him the strength to survive a difficult period in life.

The prayer for Christmas is pronounced in the church church, where the service begins on the evening of January 6th. It carries in itself the conversion and praise of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who gave his life for the sake of all those praying. The service at the Nativity of Christ is very beautiful and solemn, with a pacific festive atmosphere reigning in it.

If people do not have the opportunity to visit the church on Christmas Day, it is advisable to say the words of prayer at home for a holy supper. It is necessary to thank Jesus Christ for the opportunity to absorb food and water.You can do this both sitting at the table, and standing in front of the icon. With Christmas prayer, you need to turn to the Son of God, Jesus Christ, God, the Virgin Mary, and all the saints.

Features of the prayer at Christmas

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