Preparing for the exam on computer science

Preparing for the exam on computer scienceUnified State Examination in Informatics is usually handled by school leavers who have decided on a university where they will continue their education. The following specialties are associated with informatics: programming, nanotechnology, innovation, geology, physics, system engineering and many other areas, because in the modern world, in almost all fields of science and technology, information technologies are used.

The structure of the exam on computer science in 2015

The exam in computer science is quite voluminous and lasts 4 hours. Each version of the KIM consists of 27 tasks, which in turn are divided into 2 levels of difficulty:

  • The first part is tasks B1-B-23, the level of difficulty is increased. The answer when solving problems should be brief
  • The second part is tasks C1-C4. The difficulty level is high. When solving problems, the answer should be expanded, with a complete description of the entire process of solving the problem.

On the USE on computer science, all tasks are connected with the computer, but during the examination when solving tasks C1-C4, it is forbidden to use the PC.

Preparing for the exam on computer science

The minimum assessment score on the exam in computer science in 2015 is -40 points.

Preparing for the exam on computer science

The Unified State Exam in computer science requires an excellent knowledge of mathematics and computer science, so many students, who in the 9th grade decided on where they will study after graduation, try to continue school education in specialized classes with a profound study of mathematics. In the process of learning in these classes, much attention is paid to the study of computer science. Therefore, these graduates will not be difficult to pass an exam in this subject.

If the decision to pass the EGE on computer science was made spontaneously and the level of knowledge is average or below average, then it is best to enroll in preparatory courses that are in any university. Attending these courses will help to significantly increase the level of knowledge that will be useful when solving tasks on the Unified State Exam.

If there is no opportunity to study in a class with a mathematical bias and attend special courses, then you can prepare for the exam yourself.

The first step of self-training is to give an objective assessment of knowledge in computer science.To do this, try to solve the test tasks, which you will find here. The test result will indicate gaps in knowledge that will need to be addressed.

Preparing for the exam on computer science

Self-preparation. Helpful Tips

  • First, it is necessary to draw up a detailed training plan, according to which the theory, specific terminology, computer science structure and step-by-step problem solving will be studied for each topic, which will help to understand the logic of the solution.
  • In the process of preparation, you should thoroughly study the rules for writing code for programs in basic Pascal or Borland programming languages.
  • It is necessary to follow the general rules of preparation for the USE, in order to avoid emotional and physical overstrain.

On a note! When self-training, it is imperative to use school textbooks and teaching materials, which are approved by the Rosobornadzor. You can purchase study materials in a bookstore or use an electronic version.

Preparing for the exam on computer science

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