Pressotherapy is a procedure to pay attention to

Being forever young, healthy and beautiful is probably everyone’s dream, because at that time you don’t think much about those extra pounds, temporary changes in your body and other problems that usually go together.

Recently, the problem of losing weight worries a sufficiently large number of people, every year new ways are being invented to combat the extra kilos, which, however, are not always effective.

Concentrating on the wrong methods, a person can struggle with his shortcomings for years without ever achieving any result. Along with all the known methods, another method appeared, not very popular with us, but rapidly gaining momentum, called pressotherapy.

Lets you relax

What is pressure therapy and is it capable of all the miracles that are described in numerous advertising brochures of beauty salons? This is a very popular cosmetic procedure.which is a kind of hardware massage, most often presented as an effective method of losing weight.

But is everything really so? After all, if you carefully study this question, then a lot of doubts and misunderstandings arise, so let's see, is this procedure really so effective and, if so, how long does this effect last?

If you plunge into history a little, it will become known that the Dutch scientist Van Der Molin was the first to use pressure therapy. It was he who was able to design a device that would inject in certain parts of the body a pressure much higher than atmospheric.

Due to this, the human body is compressed just as water at the deep sea compresses it, which results in the cleansing of the intercellular fluid: the fluid from the tissues is shifted into the bloodstream.

Such an invention, in the first place, was used to rehabilitate patients after serious injuries, since they are always accompanied by edemas of nearby tissues, and pressotherapy helped to quickly and effectively get rid of them.

In terms of physiology

Today, during a session, a special suit is put on the patient, which consists of separate sections.In each of them in a sequential order, air is supplied, which will create the necessary pressure. Its magnitude, as well as the location of the necessary pulsations, completely controls the computer.

Many like this procedure

As we have said, thanks to this compression, there is a complete cleansing of the intercellular fluid, where the products of cellular activity flow stably. Air pressure mainly affects the lymphatic system, therefore, the procedure of pressure therapy provides active lymphatic drainage: waste, poisons, toxins and other stagnant products are removed from the body.

Experts noted that such systematic effects on the body, lead to the normalization of metabolic processes, improves the outflow of venous blood and stabilizes blood pressure, restores reserves of clean intercellular and intracellular water. As a result, thanks to the procedure, the excess fluid leaves our body, and the body becomes more taut and slender.

Due to this, pressure therapy is actively used in cosmetology in order to get rid of excess body swelling, to combat cellulite, and also to improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin.


It turns out, based on the numerous advantages of this method, we can conclude that this is a very effective way to lose weight and improve the overall condition of the body?

According to the statements of most cosmetological clinics, literally in 3-5 sessions of pressotherapy, you can see an impressive result: in the waist area, a few extra centimeters will disappear, and the scales will show that you have become a couple of kilograms lighter.

And this is true: due to getting rid of excess fluid, it is possible to achieve such an effect, but is it possible to call the result obtained stable? More likely no than yes. If you drink enough water and eat salty food, everything will return to normal.

It goes something like this.

This method is also called "slimming for lazy", because the result from one session can be equal to the result of two debilitating exercises in the gym. True, the difference is still there: as a result of pressure therapy, you do not fight fat deposits, but simply lose excess fluid. Is it possible with such a method to get rid of cellulite?

There are more chances here, after all, cellulite is, in fact, a local edema that slows the normal blood circulation, as a result of which hated unevenness appears.Greater results can be achieved if you combine this technique with others, for example, with a vacuum-roller massage or wraps.


In fact, this method, even to a greater extent, is used in medical practice than in cosmetology, it is successfully used to treat certain pathological conditions.

  • Prevention and treatment of cellulite.
  • Weight lifting in the legs, swelling.
  • Improving blood circulation, as a result - saturation of tissues with oxygen.
  • Weight loss.
  • Prevention of diseases that are accompanied by internal edema.
  • Treatment and prevention of thrombosis, varicose veins.
  • Particularly useful athlete after long and heavy loads.
  • As a rehabilitation after liposuction.

Another advantage of such a procedure is its relatively low price - it is not higher than the prices of other procedures of a similar spectrum of action.

The feedback of people who experienced pressotherapy in their experience has surprisingly varied: someone is delighted with the effect, and someone complains that too much pressure on the part of the body is not only frightening, but also causes very unpleasant sensations.The success of such therapy, in many respects, will depend on the specialist, because it is he who sets the equipment with the necessary pressure parameters, on which the comfort and the results of pressure therapy will depend.


As with all such procedures, pressure therapy also has its contraindications:

  • unhealed wounds and burns;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • dermatitis;
  • blood clots in the veins;
  • heart failure, coronary heart disease;
  • benign and malignant tumors;
  • the threat of termination of pregnancy.
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