Prichny on which women need to play sports

Sport - is life! Although this slogan sounds pathetic, it makes sense. Physical activity will help not only make your body shape more slender and taut, but also heal your body. Recently, due to the emergence of various techniques that make our lives easier, we are less and less moving.

At work, we mostly sit, move around the city with the help of transport. From any minimum load, the body is insanely sore, and we again lie down on the sofa. However sad it may sound, a similar way of life leads to the appearance of various diseases.

I am for an active lifestyle, although what to hide - I also like to sleep :). If I have a free hour, I begin to swing the press, and perform other exercises to keep the body in good shape. I have been doing fitness for four years, and sometimes I think that I myself could become a fitness instructor. But wait and see. When it's warm outside, I practice at the stadium: I run, I shake my press.

Nobody makes me do this, I just like it. As a child I was a plump child, and from the age of 13 I decided to take care of my body. And today has achieved significant results (my boyfriend is delighted). I would not have achieved all this lying on the couch and envying slender girls. Do not like group sports, do not feel confident, then go in for sports at home (there are many useful lessons on the Internet).

But discipline and willpower are important here, especially if you are a beginner. If you pay the money, there will be an additional incentive, and at home you can do a little boil. I have no problems with organization, I hope you will not. But still, in collective exercises there are advantages: first of all, the presence of an instructor who can help you properly perform exercises for different muscle groups, the presence of simulators and sports equipment.

Improving mood, vigor, toned body, pride in the fact that you endured an hour of intense load - all this gives sports. Only one hour three times a week, and your body will thank you. The main thing is not to give up and do not quit, especially if you want to lose weight.

My girlfriend, dreaming of losing weight, asked me what diet I was on, that I managed to lose so much weight. I told the truth: I did not sit on any diet in my life, moreover, I am negative to them, I achieved everything with the help of intensive training.

Her friend didn’t like this kind of weight loss, she doesn’t like physical exertion, and sat down on a strict diet. For two weeks her “hunger strike” did not give any results. Once again I was convinced that only proper nutrition and sports will help you get the desired shape. Overpower your laziness, let sport take an important place in your life! Exercise and be healthy!

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