Prince George will appear in his favorite animated series

Duchess Catherine and Prince William are loving, but rather strict parents: they try not to indulge their children with expensive gifts and not indulge their whims. However, with baby Charlotte and charming prince George it is not so easy: the royal offspring already has a separate army of fans in instagram, and the whole world is watching their every move. When Prince William spoke about his son’s love for the Fireman Sam TV show in the April 1 Radio 1 interview, the producers immediately suggested adding a Prince of Cambridge to the cartoon. Voila! To George's joy, he will appear in an episode that will be dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the show.

The plot of the festive series called “Prince of Pontipandi” is quite simple: a little prince will fly to the city of Pontipandi, where fireman Sam lives and works, and will help save him from the fire. The rescue operation will be carried out from a helicopter - according to Kate Middleton, this is four-year-old George's favorite toy.And it is no accident, after all, his father spent two years working as a rescue pilot on an ambulance helicopter at East Anglian Air Ambulance.

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