Pros and cons of acrylic carpets

Every year, new trends are born in the field of interior design, making the home even more comfortable and attractive. Despite this, the demand for carpets is still high. After all, it is not only practical and beautiful, but also a durable element of decor. Today, carpets made of acrylic, possessing the best combination of quality and price, enjoy close attention from buyers.

Types of acrylic carpeting

Acrylic - artificial fiber, tactile sensations reminiscent of natural sheep wool. It is not surprising that the carpets made from this material are very much in demand, because with their similarity to woolen carpets, they are much more expensive.

As a rule, acrylic carpet is a machine product. Although there are options made in the technique of manual tufting, which is considered more time-consuming and expensive.

There are fully synthetic coatings, as well as mixed products having a combined composition.The most popular pair is acrylic and cotton thread. The presence of the latter greatly reduces the water repellency of the synthetic fabric. Therefore, buying a bath track, be sure to choose 100% acrylic fiber.

By the size of the pile the carpet can be lint-free, and also have a high, low and very high pile. The smaller it is, the easier it is to care for the product, especially if there are children and animals in the house. But abundantly fleecy surface keeps heat better and is more pleasant to the touch.

The final factor affecting the durability and cost of the palace is the brand of the manufacturer. Now on the market are the most popular Belgian, Turkish, Chinese, Moldovan and domestic coatings.

Before you buy a carpet, you need to decide what you expect from it: decorating function, practicality, additional heat savings or ease of care? Also, an important role is played by the place of dislocation and its patency, since choosing a bedside track and office cover are two completely different tasks.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Carpets made of synthetic acrylic fibers have a number of undoubted advantages compared with natural raw materials:

  • Hypoallergenic, which makes these products ideal for allergy sufferers and children.
  • Lower price while maintaining the tactile sensation of wool coating. Therefore, it is an excellent budget choice for rental housing or high-traffic areas.
  • Good strength with a lighter weight, as well as the ability to perfectly keep the original shape. Such carpets are not terribly long storage folded.
  • A wide selection of various colors, which makes it easy to choose an option for the most unusual interior and biased taste.
  • High-quality color and the ability to maintain the color of the thread, even with long-term exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Resistant to moisture and fungus, and therefore you can not fear the appearance of mold, even when using acrylic rugs in the bathroom.
  • Immune to moth, which harms only natural fibers.
  • Loyalty to dirt and easier care provided timely cleaning of stains.

Despite significant advantages, acrylic coatings have some disadvantages:

  • They are firmly eats spots of fat and coloring matter. If they are not immediately removed, it will be very problematic to do this later.
  • In case of violation of production technologies, in particular, in the absence of special chemical processing, acrylic palas are strongly electrified and easily ignite. There is also the danger of losing the pile.
  • After industrial washing, the products dry for a long time, and the nap can roll back irretrievably.
  • The average service life of such coatings is 5-6 years.
  • With a strong mechanical action, for example, a coarse brush, worn remains on the carpet, which cannot be eliminated.

Consequently, most problems can arise from poor quality carpets and improper care for them. To avoid this, buying a carpet, you should make sure that you have all the appropriate certificates that guarantee the quality and safety of the product.

Also, you should take care of the acrylic coating in a timely manner: weekly vacuum and immediately remove third-party contamination with a soft sponge with a small amount of delicate detergent. To refresh the fibers, it is quite enough sometimes to go with a washing vacuum cleaner with ordinary water.

At observance of these simple recommendations the acrylic carpet will long please you with colorful and faultless appearance.

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