Rachel McAdams first appeared after the birth of a child

We do not know how they do it. Just two weeks ago, journalists found out that Rachel McAdams had a son (if you consider that the actress was in the seventh month in February, the firstborn was supposed to appear in early April, but the exact date of birth of the baby is not yet known) Annual Tribeca Film Festival in New York, and it looked at the same time simply dazzling!

The latest acting work McAdams was the main role in the drama directed by Sebastian Lelio "Disobedience". The premiere of the film took place at the festival, but no one expected Rachel to appear in the same place. For a secular exit, the 39-year-old actress chose a dress with a deep neckline from the spring-summer collection Giambattista Valli - not the most fitting option, but thanks to the black translucent chiffon, McAdams fans were able to assess how quickly she managed to get back into shape. However, while Rachel and her boyfriend Jamie Linden did not officially confirm the information about the birth of her son, so the actress’s revelations on the topic of postnatal training,as was the case with Blake Lively, we probably will not wait for it yet.

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