Raklet - cheese for real gourmets

Cheese is a special product for gourmets. There are more than 400 kinds of these goodies, and real cheese makers always treat their “offspring” as they do a real child - talk to him, gently wipe, “wash”, gently turn over from side to side. And among the most exquisite cheeses, raclette occupies a special place. We are pleased to talk about it in more detail.

Swiss pleasure

You can indulge yourself with fragrant raclette at any time of the year, having arrived in Switzerland, where it is a traditional product. But the Swiss themselves, in order to feel the real delicate taste and unsurpassed flavor, it is recommended to use it in winter. A special pleasure is to enjoy it after winter skiing in the nearby Alps.

The history of this product dates back to the Middle Ages, when the shepherds, bringing the herds to the mountain pastures, and not returning from there for several days, came up with a way to prepare a tasty and simple dish that could have a wonderful lunch and stay full until the evening.

How to cook raclette? The technology has not changed since the 18th century, but modern technologies help make the process as simple as possible. Previously, shepherds put cheese (having the same name) near the fire, and waited until it melted. And after scrape the soft layer. This process is similar to the famous fondue, which also has a long history.

Today, of course, cooking raklet is more civilized, and for this purpose use special small grills with frying pans, which easily fit on the restaurant table. Cheese is usually served with a side dish of potatoes, as well as meat, ham, seafood and various vegetables. A special taste is given to it by pickled cucumbers, as well as mostard - fruit sauce, pickled in mustard and syrup.

Plates with raw foods are put in front of the guests, and each grill them in the combination they like. A half of the cheese head at this time is placed on the pin above the grill, and left to heat. After the main products are ready, the raclette is scraped with a special knife and they are poured over vegetables and meat.

For cooking at home in the Swiss shops you can buy tabletop stoves - racletnitsy.Want to know what it is? A simple device that is a two-story tile with two small frying pans. Thinly sliced ​​pieces of cheese are put on the bottom, and other products are prepared on the top, and then mixed. Prepare this dish only in small portions in order to have time to eat, until the raclette froze.

From drinks to melted cheese, it is preferable to serve chilled white wine. But sparkling will do as well if there are no fresh vegetables among the set of products.

For true connoisseurs in Switzerland offer to try several varieties of Raclettes, prepared according to special recipes - with garlic, chili and made from goat's milk. You can be sure that everyone will find a dish to their liking.

But for the Swiss raclette is a real festive dish. The local housewives will never offer it to guests, if they did not have time to cook anything. After all, enjoy this cheese, which, by the way, before getting on the grill ripens only two months, they are used only for a special occasion, for example, birthday or New Year.

Pastime for savoring such cheese is often delayed for the whole evening, and this is an excellent occasion for leisurely, pleasant friendly conversations, as well as romantic evenings. Bon Appetit!

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