Real Gentlemen: The 10 Most Beautiful British Actors

They have no equal - stylish, seasoned, sexy, educated. One word - the British.

Colin Firth

British actors
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Colin Firth is probably one of the most titled British actors. During his career, the man starred in many films, the work in most of which were awarded prizes and awards. So, the attention of critics and the public managed to win immediately after Firth played the role of Mr. Darcy in the mini-series “Pride and Prejudice”. This picture was a great start for the further creative success of the actor. So, for his role in the film "Single Man" Colin was awarded numerous awards, including BAFTA. And for the work of the stuttering king in the acclaimed film “The King Says,” the man received the long-awaited Oscar statuette. However, these are only some of the awards of the actor, sure, in the near future they will become even more.

Benedict Cumberbatch

British actors
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This charming Briton easily won the hearts of spectators. And given the acting talent, the success of Benedict in his career was quite expected. It is worth noting that the actor received wide popularity due to the role of Sherlock Holmes in the TV series "Sherlock". The original image of the great detective was rightly appreciated by film critics and elevated Cumberbatch to the rank of some of their sought-after and gifted actors in Great Britain. However, we must pay tribute to the education of the actor: he studied in extremely prestigious educational institutions, hence the aristocracy and manners for which Cumberbatch is famous.

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