Replaced sneakers, or 7 comfortable pairs of mini-heels

Beige Pumps

Classics always remain classics, and beige - the most noble and simple in color combinations. By the way, it is such a model from Christian Louboutin - the brand that made nude nude boats a legend - disappears from the sale with lightning speed even without discounts in the most popular sizes.

Beige Mascotte shoes

Mascotte Beige Pumps (3,990 Rub. On discount)

Velvet Pumps

The velvet in the collections of the last two seasons was so much, and we still can not get enough of his magical property to be so solemn and festive even in the simplest things. And shoes, of course, this applies as well.

Corsocomo slippers with velvet

Corsocomo velvet pumps (8,800 rubles)

Suede Court Shoes

If the shoe has a “sexy neckline”, then this is exactly about this pair, because instead of the classic open form, it has a narrow V-neck, as if in an evening dress, plus a no less sexy glowing scarlet shade.

Suede Topshop

Topshop suede pumps (£ 52)

Black Leather Ankle Boots

Given the current weather, such a hybrid of shoes and ankle boots with an open heel and a completely closed nose, we are about to call summer shoes. Only with a light dress they really look strange, and if in its place a leather jacket and shortened trousers, then this is a completely different story.

Uterque black leather boots

Black Uterque Ankle Boots (9 990 rub.)

Heeled loafers

On the website of the H & M store, this "disco" pair for some reason hid in the section "Shoes on a flat sole", although the heel is still present, and its hue was defined as "cherry", which also does not correspond to the truth. But, despite all the “bloopers”, the model came out original - too bold for an office style, but ideal for parties.

Moccasin on heels H & M

Moccasins on heels H & M (1 999 rub.)

Muly from textiles

Creativity Alessandro Michele for Gucci has been the unofficial source of inspiration for democratic brands for many years now. But we personally don’t see anything wrong with that: but you can buy yourself a non-trivial pair of shoes at an affordable price, which is unlike 99% of the main shoe mix for the summer.

Müli Asos Textiles

Asos Muly Textiles (2 845 rub.)

Printed Pumps

We will leave this pair in our selection as an exception, because her heel is not at all a mini - 7 centimeters.But, considering how high studs are adored in our country, for some, such a model would really mean literally "descend from heaven to earth."

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