Riddle for madness: which way to choose Alice in Wonderland?

Do you remember the chapter from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, in which Alice gathered to the Hatter for Mad Tea Party? We will show you an alternative version of events in which the little girl may not even reach his strange friend’s house if he does not demonstrate a fair amount of ingenuity and ingenuity.


So, Alice, on the way to a tea party to the Hatter, went to a fork. Looking for a long time and not knowing which of the two roads to choose, the girl noticed two brothers - Trulyal and Trail. Alice knew for sure that one of the roads leads to the Hatter, where she wants to go, and the other to Bormoglot, whose company scared the little girl. And she knew that one of the brothers always tells the truth, and the other always lies. The problem is that the brothers can only ask one simple question to find out which road leads to the Hatter's house. What is the question to ask Alice?


Photo source: commons.wikimedia.org, pixabay.com

To choose the right road, Alice should be asked: “If I asked you yesterday what road leads to the Hatter, what would you say?” It turns out that the brother who always tells the truth will give the right answer. And the one who constantly lies will lie doubly, distorting his yesterday's false answer. As you know, a minus to a minus always gives a plus.

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