Rose Happiness Tree

Handmade gifts are becoming increasingly relevant and fashionable. Among them, a special place is occupied by topiary, more simply they are called trees of happiness. This name they received, because an unusual ensemble of decorated ball and trunk, transmits the shape of the tree. Topiary will perfectly fit into any interior and always attracts eyes. It serves not only as an original decor, but also gives a feeling of harmony. For the manufacture of topiariya we need: - satin ribbons for roses, 2.5 cm wide. Three colors will be needed: crimson , white and pink; - satin ribbon for the trunk, 1cm wide; - hot glue (gun with glue sticks); - about ten sheets of newspaper; - branch for the trunk; - flower pot, better heavy, for example, ceramic; - a small piece of penoplex; - gypsum with water; - to decorate sisal and decorative ladybugs. The first stage is the longest and t rude is a twisting of roses. Rosettes need a lot, about 50 pieces. For each rose, cut off 50 cm of ribbon and proceed to twisting.First, bend the edge and make two turns, apply one small drop of glue to each tape centimeter for fixation.  twisting roses
Bending the tape away from yourself every two centimeters, continue to shape rose flower Do not forget to fix every second turn with glue.  twisting roses Roses should be even and almost the same size.
 penplex to the bottom of the pot
Next, “plant” the trunk in a pot.
 insert the word
For firm fixation of the trunk, pour the gypsum solution into a flower pot . We leave for half an hour to harden.
 pot of gypsum solution zalmivaem
When the gypsum has stiffened, you can start to design topiary roses. To do this, we apply hot glue on each rose.
glue roses
We glue the crimson roses first according to the planned picture. Figure need to think in advance. This topiary will be in the middle of a crimson rose.
 glue the roses
Around the first crimson rose we glue white roses.
 glue the roses
Decorations around the neighboring crimson roses are made of pink roses. We alternate the whole picture in such a sequence.
 make pink roses

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