Royal second-hand: Middleton children wear out things one after another

The economical duchess dressed the newborn Prince Louis in a jumper of princess Charlotte, who herself wears a suit of prince George.

Kate Middleton, who already immediately won the great love of her subjects, with the appearance of her third child, with her own act, touched all fans of the royal family even more. The Duchess has long been famous for being able to easily put on the same thing two, three or more times without combining it with others (that is, exactly as on the first exit, except maybe hairstyles, hats and earrings) although it is sometimes criticized for it. Thus, it demonstrates modesty and unwillingness to hand over a new thing worn only once, which the common people cannot but like.

Now she instills the same life principles in her little children.

Kate Middleton herself does not mind putting on the same thing several times; now she instills such an attitude to clothes to children
Photo: @kensingtonroyal

Attentive fans of British monarchs, looking at recently published official pictures of young prince and princess (Louis photographed one on the occasion of his birth, and Charlotte and his younger brother in honor of her 3th birthday), noticed that Louis was dressed in a similar jumper at the photo shoot, in which at one time Charlotte was filmed in the arms of elder brother George. Of course, it can be two identical sweaters, but any mother will confirm that it is much more symbolic and nicer to wear crumbs into each other’s clothes, emphasizing the continuity of generations.

And that is not all! Charlotte also keeps things up for George. Fans, who seem to remember absolutely all the pictures of this most famous family in the world, noticed that the girl was dressed in a blue cardigan - the same was the third in line for the British throne during a chic photo shoot of the legendary grandmother with all her descendants.

Hence the conclusion: the children grow up amicable and non-capricious - they will give what they give, without demanding anything new, and the wise Duchess of Cambridge saves a lot on such a touching scheme.

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