Secrets of organizing an interesting pajama party

The idea of ​​home pajama parties came to us, of course, from America - this is where girls of all ages practice this way of communication and entertainment. Often pajamas party is timed to some event: for example, a bachelorette party, a woman's birthday, a new year or just an evening without an excuse.

This way of holding parties will make new in the usual pattern of holidays, will create a relaxed atmosphere and relax well at home.

It all starts with an invitation

How to organize a pajama party? First of all you need to do the creation of the right mood, which begins with the invitation. Of course, you can always agree on the time and venue in words, but, much more interesting, send bright invitation cards to your friends in a thematic style.

It is fascinating to make such cards with your own hands, but if there is no time for it, then you can do with the printed templates from the Internet - here you will have a large collection of choices.Specify the date, place and time of collection, just add what you need to have with you - for example, a toothbrush, pajamas, sleeping bag or blanket.

Holiday Outfit

What can be doubts, well, of course, it will be pajamas! Of course, it should not be a good old pajama in which you indulged in sweet dreams for more than one night. It is advisable to pick up something bright, cute, funny, maybe even a little cheeky, depending on what occasion the party is about.

We should not forget about funny accessories, for example, pajama caps, bright ribbons in the hair, flirty headbands or cute slippers with hares. In the hair, you can weave a couple of curlers, which will give the image of color.

Room decor

In order for a home party to be bright and unforgettable, it is very important to work on “scenery”, because what surrounds you and sets the right direction for your mood. How to arrange a real pajama party? Balloons, a table with sweets, which can be chupa chups, candy, funny cookies, small cakes and so on will help you with the right atmosphere.

Ornaments in the form of stars that can be hung on the ceiling and walls are also suitable, it is desirable that they are made of phosphorus, which will allow them to glow in the dark.Take care of blankets, pillows - they should be according to the number of guests, spread them out directly on the floor, on sofas and armchairs.

Electric garlands are also suitable, the top lighting is strictly forbidden, the best atmosphere will be created by small lamps and table lamps, sconces, as an option - beautifully decorated candles.

It will not be out of place to stock up on serpentines, clappers, bubbles - all this will give a mood, as well as decorate photos, if you, for example, decide to capture your party.

Other important points

What else should you think when you are organizing a pajama party for girls? Well, of course, about treats! Naturally, this should by no means resemble a standard meal with heavy salads and hot dishes.

The maximum that can be at such a party is a small buffet table, which will accommodate light snacks, such as canapés, fruits, berries, small sandwiches or pizza for the very hungry. We should not forget about drinks - be sure to make sure that you have tea or coffee, also milk, juice or cocoa.

If it is, for example, a bachelorette party, then alcohol is likely to be assumed - champagne, martini or light wines will be the best choice.

Take care of the dishes - it is better if it is plastic - and easier to clean, and there is no risk of breaking anything, because the pajama party does not involve sitting at the table, each is placed where it is most convenient. Ideally, if you pick up a special festive plastic tableware - colored cups and plates will add to the party a positive.

What else? Well, of course, fun! That your celebration does not turn into a dull eating of sandwiches, it is important to think over the games and the program for the evening. For example, if the company is going to be absolutely female, you can do a joint hand-maid, for example, sew eye linings for sleep, all the patterns are on the Internet.

If you prefer a more active holiday, then arrange a real fashion show in pajama outfits, following which the best pajamas or the best image will be chosen. You can do each other manicure or do other spa treatments - face masks, scrubs and so on. Another option - testing new trends of make-up - try yourself in the make-up artist's style!

You can play games, such as a crocodile or Mafia, and if you run out of power, get comfortable after watching some good movie. Another essential attribute of any pajamas-party is, of course, the real pillow fights!

By the way, "Twister" - one more variant of mobile rest is suitable. Be sure to think about the musical accompaniment of the party, who knows, maybe you will have a real disco in your pajamas?

In addition, you can arrange a funny photo session, where you can easily capture the most vivid and unforgettable moments of your evening! To determine in advance which of the leisure options your guests will like, it is useful to conduct a preliminary blitz survey.

As you understand, for any party to go perfectly well, only two components remain important - good company and good mood! So everything is in your hands! Good luck!

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