Selena Gomez stopped communicating with her mother not only because of Justin Bieber

Despite claims that the cause of a major altercation between Selena Gomez and her mother, Mandy Tyfe, is Selena’s return to her first and only love, Justin Bieber, the true cause of the conflict lies much deeper. Yes, Mandy was really not happy about her daughter's ex-boyfriend, who had already broken her heart once before, and categorically stated to Selena that she was not going to take him with open arms, no matter how much he tried to gain her trust again. Yes, Selena was really angry and upset in response to this remark, because she hoped she could spend Christmas with her family and Justin, who seems to be planning to become the new prophet Jeremiah, attending church regularly and tirelessly repeating in an interview that he found answers to all your questions in god.But as it turned out, Justin Bieber was just the last straw, which exhausted Mandy's patience regarding her daughter's behavior.

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