September 1, a class hour - a scenario and topics for presentations. What to talk on September 1 at the class hour "Lesson of Peace and Friendship"

CC-002Every year in Russia, with the first autumn day, more than 16 million students sit at their desks. In every school on this day, general ceremonial lines are held, and then the children disperse to the classrooms, where teachers spend for them a festive class hour on September 1. The theme of this particular lesson is usually offered to all educational institutions by the Ministry of Education, however, teachers and class teachers are allowed to develop their own script for the festive event. This can be a traditional lesson in peace, goodness and friendship, a bright presentation on important topics for students, or a fun, informative lecture, in an accessible form telling children about school for the first time in 1 class.The solemn lesson helps to create a more solemn atmosphere in the classroom, stimulates in children the desire to continue learning and introduces new, interesting information.

Topics of class hours on September 1 for students of different ages

The choice of the theme of class hours on September 1 for students of different ages is an extremely important and crucial moment. The teacher should consider very carefully what kind of question it is worth highlighting on this day. You can dwell on traditional options and talk about war and peace, kindness and compassion for your neighbor, respect for elders or a healthy lifestyle. For elementary school students, it is better to take simpler and more accessible topics, telling children in informative form about important historical events for the country, about famous poets, writers, scholars or public figures. Older students will be interested to hear about the pressing problems of youth and youth, about athletes, contemporary musicians, actors and politicians. Future graduates will surely enjoy the class hour about the various professions most in demand today in the labor market, about popular educational institutions and large companies that are recruiting young specialists.

The presentation of the class hour on September 1 is a beautiful and bright addition to the celebration.


The presentation is considered a key event of the class hour on September 1st. It gives the first school day a particularly joyful, festive and optimistic atmosphere, reduces the degree of official event, and contributes to the establishment of contact between students and teachers. During the presentation, the children relax and feel more comfortable, and the teachers have the opportunity in a colorful and intelligible way to convey the necessary information to their wards.

Class hour on September 1 "1 class comes to school"


The first day spent at school, the first lesson, acquaintance with teachers and new friends - each child experiences all these moments with particular excitement and trepidation. Impressions from the holiday cut into memory for life and it is very important that they are pleasant, warm and joyful. A class hour dedicated to September 1 and the arrival of grade 1 to school will help make them so.

Lesson is required to organize in advance by connecting to the training of parents. The class must be arranged in the appropriate style, and the entrance doors should be decorated with a bright slogan welcoming the kids who first crossed the school threshold.There is no need to immediately choose difficult topics for the event and include a large number of different numbers in the program. It is better in the form of a game to tell first-graders about what awaits them in the near future, and then hold several simple competitions in which each child will be able to briefly tell about himself and demonstrate his creative abilities. For the good performance of children, you should definitely praise and award with small souvenirs, holiday cards and balloons. Such a program will create a relaxed, friendly and cozy atmosphere in the classroom, eliminate the moment of constraint and make the boys and girls willing to meet, communicate and comprehend school science under the strict guidance of the staff.

Class hour on September 1 - "I am talented"

The famous Russian teacher Svetlana Belousova spends a class hour on September 1, interesting, extraordinary and with a twist. For her players, she draws up a program of several simple competitions in which children get the opportunity to show off their talents to their classmates and parents.Boys and girls recite short poems about the school, sing holiday songs, dance, smartly answer tricky questions and riddles, and even try themselves in painting. Light, relaxed and almost homely atmosphere helps the kids to relax and show their best. The parents present at the event are happy to watch their offspring, support them with applause and absolutely sincerely rejoice at the first successes of their children. The holiday ends with a beautiful and sonorous song. It is performed to the accompaniment of guitars by adults, and children sing with them with pleasure.

Scenario class hours 1 September for high school students

For high school students requires a complex and multifaceted scenario classroom hours on September 1. It is necessary to include in the program an interesting, colorful and bright video presentation, which reveals in detail the idea of ​​the event. You can start the celebration with a speech by a class teacher who congratulates his charges with the end of a carefree vacation and the beginning of the school year, wishes the children diligence, patience and good grades, and then smoothly begins to explain the main topic of the lesson.It is very important that the questions discussed during the class hour on September 1 were really interesting for the students and stimulated in the children the desire to study hard further. If the biography of a historical person is chosen as the main topic, you can invite students to play a costume scene from the life of this character. This number will give the event an element of the show and make the festive lesson more vivid and memorable.

Classroom hour September 1 for grade 11

Class hour on September 1 "Lesson of Peace and Friendship"


Most often on September 1, the classroom chooses the script "The lesson of peace, friendship and kindness." This option is considered universal and is suitable for both grade 1 and for more adult students. Such topics as the desire to achieve world peace, humanity, compassion, sincerity and humanity are raised at the solemn lesson. Teachers tell students about politicians well-known in all countries, public figures and just people who have dedicated their lives to ending wars and various international conflicts. The presentation at such an event demonstrates the brightest moments of the activities of the ambassadors of the world visiting states that have fallen into a difficult situation as a result of hostilities, natural disasters, famine or epidemics.Penetrating with someone else's pain, children become kinder to each other, more often they try to help those in need and learn to empathize with someone else's trouble.

In addition, the theme of peace and friendship brings up in the younger generation patriotism and a thrilling attitude towards the Motherland, which provides its citizens with a quiet life under a cloudless, clean and peaceful sky. The children learn to appreciate their carefree youth, the opportunity to study at school and look with confidence in tomorrow.

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