September 1 - Day of knowledge and a holiday, which is always remembered

White bows, fragrant bouquets, heavy knapsacks and weary expectations are usually filled with just such notes the streets and squares of almost all countries of the former Soviet Union.

For every citizen, this day necessarily means something: for someone this is the first trip to school, for someone a return to good old friends and teachers, someone goes to the university for the first time, and someone sends their children and grandchildren to school.

Responsible day in the life of every student

Whatever one may say, this holiday was laid in our heads from the youngest age, that is why, probably, there is always some pleasant thrill at the sight of smart schoolchildren, as well as at the sounds of familiar and traditional holiday melodies.

For sure, few know that the beginning of schooling does not begin in all countries on 1 September. For example, in the United States there is no clear date at all, training can begin there from mid-August to mid-September, and there is no traditional ruler and dress uniform to which we are so used to.

Children go to school in their favorite and familiar clothes, the form exists only in paid and elite educational institutions, and the slogan “September 1 is Knowledge Day!”, Which is so familiar to us, is not known at all.

But, for example, in Japan, students go to school on April 1, and the solemn part is held there in the assembly hall and only for first-graders, organizational issues are solved there, after which another week is available for the children to prepare well for the new school year.

If you now take on enumerating different countries, then you will hardly find uniform standards anywhere, and is it any good to have a solemn holiday with its own traditions? It's up to the educators to decide.

Knowledge Day, its history and traditions

Not everyone knows that the tradition of beginning the school year on September 1 was born only in 1917 after the revolution, it was then that the decree of compulsory and free education was adopted for the entire population.

The holiday of the first of September is very cute.

Up to this point, education was compulsory for all classes, except for the peasants, it was, of course, mostly paid. Most of the noble children left for their homeland for the summer, so there was no clear date for the resumption of classes.

Interestingly, several centuries earlier, on September 1, was generally a New Year celebration day, it was believed that it was on this day that God began creating our world.

But the state holiday, which became known as the "Day of Knowledge", appeared only in 1984, it was during this period that the first bell on the line in one of the schools sounded for the first time. Over time, this tradition was adopted by most schools in the post-Soviet space.

Now, September 1 is still a great holiday, according to tradition, students must appear on the solemn line of the first bell in a dressed and elegant uniform, with flowers and smiles on their faces.

Of course, the most important culprits of the celebration are precisely those guys who first go to school or to a higher educational institution.

Usually for first-graders they arrange a small show on the line, and senior classes give them small souvenirs, which, most often, consist of office supplies, which they will definitely need at school.

In higher educational institutions, a solemn line is not held, the students of senior courses from September 1 already attend full-fledged classes, and for the first course this day a grand meeting is held in the assembly hall.

We should not forget about people serving schoolchildren and students, as well as teachers and teachers, because for them it is also a big holiday - after a long break they met with their students.

With regards to the celebration itself, the degree of its scope depends only on the institution itself, as well as on the people who are preparing the holiday itself.

In some schools, costing solemn rulers, small concerts, performances of teachers and schoolchildren, who utter words of greeting and thanks. Recently, lush celebrations have become fashionable, schoolchildren celebrate this holiday in nature, they are organized by trips or trips to cafes, however, again, everything depends on the organizational structure.

September 1 is a special day.

You always want this day to be memorable, a bit exciting and interesting; for this, the school needs to prepare a good scenario for the Knowledge Day in the classroom.

If you are the person who will have to organize the whole celebration, then do not forget about the main rule - it should not be too long and protracted. Still, kids and parents are, and do not sit, which is quite tiring.

Do not forget about the constant musical inserts, small humorous scenes, as well as sketches that will be really interesting to children and parents.

It is very profitable to attract first-graders to the universal action, whatever they do, it always causes great affection from parents and teachers. It is also very popular now to release balls in the sky, on which students write their desires and dreams.

Such a moment will greatly decorate your holiday, as well as bring bright colors to the process of the line itself. The most important thing is not to tire the guests and the students themselves, if some invited official should speak on the line, it is better that his speech be no more than 3-5 minutes.

We should not forget about future graduates of this school year, it is necessary to pay a few words about their completion of studies, give some advices for advice, because this is the last September 1 in their life as a schoolboy.

As for the musical accompaniment of the solemn line, then, of course, it is best to choose those songs that are suitable for the first of September with their meaning and text. For example, “Pervoklashka”, “Teach in school”, “School time” and other similar compositions are perfect for this purpose, and you can also add a few modern compositions.

For the solemn part to go smoothly, usually all participating children and teachers are handed out texts of poems and solemn speeches in advance, rehearsals are held, all participants must be thoroughly prepared, otherwise, the celebration of the first of September may be seriously spoiled.

What to wear on the first of September in school?

If your school still has not introduced the rule of school uniform, then September 1 is usually the day when students should still appear on a holiday in a solemn form.

What to wear for the holiday?

It includes a white blouse, dark bottom, it is preferable that the girls were in skirts, and boys, of course in dark trousers. It is not at all necessary to dress children in jackets and vests, because usually September 1 is still very warm, although, of course, the official form looks beautiful and beneficial at any age.

Now there is a tradition among the senior classes to dress in the retro form of their mothers and grandmothers - a dark dress and a white apron. Naturally, the main tradition of September 1 is the presence of beautiful white bows on the tails of schoolgirls.

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